shhhI am still very much in thought on the teaching of this past weekend with the Canvas Women. I am trying harder than ever before to learn to be quite and just listen and soak up God. This seems very hard to do in the days we live. Everyone’s schedule is so busy and every minute counts. I feel like I have to beat the clock all day long! It gets tiring and frustration sets in. However, when I take time to meditate on God things seem so much better. As I soak in Him, they other “stuff” seem to dissipate.

And that ye study to be quiet. 1 Thessalonians 4:11


My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD. Psalm 104:34

He calls us to fix our thoughts on Him. He tells us to transform our mind. I really truly believe that to transform your mind you have to continually work on this every day, all the time. It is not just a onetime “bammmm” and it is done. In order to keep our minds where they need to be we have to have those times of meditation, not just reading of the word, but allowing it to soak in and take root in our thoughts. When we allow quite time and “soak-in” time we will see more of the fruits of the spirit from our lives. It will become part of us and who we are. The world is always sending messages of negativity and trying to conform us to their way of thinking and acting, but we are different. We have become the sons and daughters of God. We are a particular, peculiar people. We shouldn’t be ashamed of it. We should celebrate our differences from the world and live it out loud. People need to see us living and speaking and acting the way God intended for us to be. They may give you grief, but they need to see Christians living like the word of God speaks of us living. How will they know the difference if we don’t show them?

  • If we want to dare to be different in a world that wants us to conform, then we must settle in our minds, once and for all, just who we are.
  • If you want to dare to be different in a world that wants you to conform, then you must settle in your mind, once and for all, just who you are and just how precious you are to God.
  • If you want to dare to be different in a world that wants you to conform, then you must settle in your mind, once and for all, just why you are here.

These things can be answered and settle in your mind when you give yourself the time to be quite and soak in God. Read and believe His word that you are precious, you are His child, YOU matter to Him and He wants to speak to you and direct your steps and lead you to be transformed into a beautiful creature that you were meant to be.

I am challenging you to spend time in quietness, meditation, “soak-in” time. I can already tell the difference in my life. I know you will too.

~Lisa Lambert


3 thoughts on “Quiet

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  1. Thanks for the post, Lisa! I find this hard to do myself because I’m one of those “always has to be doing something” type, but when I take the time to push all the chores and what not aside and just really spend some alone time with Him, it definitely makes a difference. I’m constantly reminding myself of the story of Martha and Mary…remembering to just sit at His feet.

  2. I need to do this continually every day. My system is sensitive to the stimulation of the “world”; it forms a constant static to which Jesus calls me apart to center in His presence. In His presence is fullness of peace and joy to be able to carry on.

  3. Thank you for this Lisa! I struggle with sitting still to focus, but when I do, that time is golden and I really do hear Him. Intimacy isn’t easy for me, but I treasure the time I spend with my Father and I know He does too.

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