hands-raised1. Halal – this is one of the seven words for praise in the Hebrew language. It means to shine forth, boast, glory, celebrate clamorously or be loudly foolish. Halal is the root word for Hallelujah.

I don’t know if I want to do songs anymore, that proclaim Hallelujah, that are soft and quiet. If we understand the meaning of this then that changes things. I think it should also make us think about our lives. I like that word….boast. To speak with exaggeration and excessive pride. Does that explain how you live Christ? Do you boast the name of Jesus? Do you boast about what Christ has done in your life? Or do you call yourselves Christians and let the fact that you serve at Canvas bring you comfort?

Guys…and gals…I want to challenge you to Halal God daily. Don’t just go to your jobs satisfied with the fact that you say “bless you” or “i’ll pray for you” every now and then. Let’s BOAST the name of Jesus to those around us. I know we need to be careful not to bible bash. But why have we lost the art of bragging about our God. It seems people use “being a witness” as an excuse to keep their mouths shut about God. Praise is an expression of our love to God. It’s physical. It’s emotional. It’s us SHOWING God how much we love Him. How can we do that quietly? How can we do that sitting in a corner waiting for Him to return?

Lets BOAST!! Lets Halal!!! Lets be loudly foolish!! And lets wreck some lives in the process. Lets turn some words upside down in the process. Praise is the scourge of the devil because it throws a wrench in his gears. It confuses Him. If he is the father of lies and praise is pure truth….then Halal will do some damage.

Lets go do some damage!!!


Originally posted on Jerod’s blog: jerod’s mind unraveled


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