blog16_mother_word_cloudMy blogs are usually things that are on my heart and stirring in my spirit.  So this blog will be about my mother.

My mother’s name is Mae Marie and she is 84-yrs young.  She was married to my dad for 37-yrs when he passed away.  She had nine live births and one miscarriage. Most of her babies were born at home without a doctor. Mom and dad loved kids and she always wanted a houseful and so…she got it! We grew up very close.  She took her children everywhere with her; if they couldn’t go she wouldn’t go.

She was up every morning cooking breakfast and made sure dad and her kids ate before we left for work and school.  She would have lunch cooked for dad and supper cooked for all of us every night. Mom made sure we all ate what we wanted and then she would fix her plate last from what was remaining.

She is my hero! So much love was seen from her.

Her love and dedication kept our family together.

We were very, very poor, however we never knew it.  My mother never complained about what she didn’t have or what she saw other women possessed.  She seemed so content. My parents made our childhood so fun and full of memories.  They instilled such important life lessons.    Integrity was taught by example. Love for your neighbor was seen thru them every day.  Patience and self control was an aspect that my mom showed so easily.

Now, she is bedfast and hasn’t been given much more time to live here on earth.  Still yet she is teaching me.  She is confused a lot and dementia is taking it’s toll, but she still prayers with such a contrite spirit that it runs chills up my spine.  She prays for her kids and her church.  She prays for God to forgive her for wasting her life on silly things and not doing more for Him.  She prays for the lost and mercy for them.   This lady that doesn’t know her own name or what world she is in prays with such clarity.

I am so glad that God allows me to have such a wonderful person to call my Mother. Words could never express the respect and honor her children feel for her.  I could only hope that I have impacted my kids like she has hers.

Living a Godly, loving life in front of your children really does make an impact.  And I am determined I want to live like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Proverbs 31:29
“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”


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  1. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful mother! God provided everything your family needed to take care of her husband and children…and I love the fact that you never knew you were “poor”. 🙂 Your family has been incredibly wealthy in its legacy!

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