Perseverance, The Great Feat


This story begins with a man named Marvin. Marvin is 89 years old and is lying in his bed surrounded by his children and many grandchildren and he’s about to take his last breath. But don’t feel badly for Marvin just yet. THIS story has a happy ending….

Marvin grew up in a small town in a small home with his two other siblings Roger and Mary. Marvin was the youngest of three, so he had to be a bit scrappier than the other two just to earn his keep. Eventually his brother and sister moved out at a mature age and he was somewhat left to his own devices. As a boy and adolescent he attended church from time to time and even got saved at the young age of 6. Marvin’s childhood was less than perfect and had a lot of strife but he assumed that’s just the way life was. He grew into a young man and found himself getting into all sorts of trouble with the wrong women and would drink until he was able to laugh at the pain…or until he passed out. What Marvin didn’t know was that he had some people who loved him very much praying and interceding on the sidelines for him and God was beginning to honor those prayers.

Throughout the early years he received counsel from a small handful of people whom he admired greatly. He looked up to them because of their confidence in their faith. He began to see who God was through their life. Ol’ Marvin was finally able to give up the women and the booze and found a new love….Jesus Christ, and boy was he on fire! What he didn’t know yet was that, that fire although always burning would dim from time to time. He didn’t know the weariness ahead of him. And he didn’t know what immense joy he had yet to experience.

Some years into his faith the people who had loved, interceded for and mentored him, fell away from their faith. He began to know weary. He wondered how what he thought were people with such strong anointing’s could just pack up and walk away from their faith. Was it even real? Did they even believe it or was he just a fool? In his heart he knew better. He listened when the Holy Spirit spoke even when he tried to deny who the voice belonged to. He knew the scripture where God tried to warn us of how people would fall away from their faith. Marvin would feel chills from time to time thinking about it. He knew better. He knew that when he felt the anointing in those lives that was exactly what is was. It was an anointing. Maybe that’s what chilled him so much. The realization that maybe once saved doesn’t mean always saved. He began to understand that the fall away from faith didn’t null and void what God had imparted them to share with him, it just made their end somewhat of a tragedy…at least in his eyes.

Marvin married and had children that gave him grandchildren and spent much of his adult years somewhere in between peace and doubt…the doubts brought on by the pain and strife that life, like clockwork, seemed to have the duty to bring. Moments would come and go where he believed he would go mad from the weight of it all. He talked with the Lord daily and always wondered when God was going to mature his purpose and reveal the great thing he had purposed him to do. He taught his children to love the Lord and even though failing from time to time to be the good example, kept the course. He knew leaving a legacy behind WOULD be a great thing…..his great thing. But, even some of his children began to waver in their faith. Marvin never really was a secure man and you’ll find that even until his last breath, although happy and at peace, a little insecurity would die with him. He never seemed to feel good enough or that he was accomplishing anything great. Some days he would succumb to the feeling of worthlessness only to hype himself up at the dawn of a new day. Marvin kept waiting for the Lord to equip him to do great things. Or even “a” great thing.  He may have been a jack of all trades but could never really put his name on anything specific. He decided to be simple and try to be ok with leaving the world that way. So much time and energy spent on the desire to do a great thing. Although a little disappointed from what he believed was a lack of response, he continued to serve the Lord. And like any old man he withered slowly, became sick and felt his life begin to fade away. After many years in a battle the loved ones were called in…

This story ends with an 89-year-old man surrounded by his family that just took his last breath. When Marvin opened his eyes again he was before the glory of the Lord and at that exact moment he realized what his greatest feat had been…..



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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Leesa! So many times we wonder what we are doing to make a difference because we cannot see it for ourselves. It’s comforting and encouraging to know that God sees the big picture, and that perseverance is a type of the fruit of the Spirit too. 🙂

  2. This was great, Leesa! I can relate to Marvin in a lot of ways…I guess maybe we all can. Thanks for the post!

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