Rays Of Light

rays of lightI once heard it said that  “our words can either be razor blades or rays of light”.  I like to think that I have developed somewhat of a thick skinned immunity to the razor blades throughout the years but there are still days in which I find myself nursing the deepest wounds usually coming from the dullest or most harmless looking razor blades so to speak or those that I am most familiar with rather than those that I would consider sharp and dangerous and be cautious around to begin with.  In other words, we hurt the ones we love the most and they hurt us the most.  Even the most innocent of comments can cut the deepest and negativity can be toxic.  Lord, help me to think before I speak.  Help me to put others before myself.  Help my words to build up and encourage, rather than tear down and destroy.  Help my words and actions to always be rays of light in a world full of razor blades.



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