Stay On The Rock

standing-on-rockDreams…… have you ever had one that just kept coming back to you?  No matter what you are doing it kind of drifts back to the fore front of you mind?  One of those dreams that you know it means something? You know one of those that you think maybe God is trying to show you something important and you keep thinking about it and then “boom” it is revealed? Well, that happened to me a few weeks ago.


I had this dream that I was standing in a mountain stream.  Rick was there and many of my Canvas Family was there also.  We were each standing on a rock and this leader was telling us if we looked as the waters came swiftly by that we would find precious artifacts and treasures.  He explained that the rock would help sift the treasures from the rocks and shells. Some were already yelling out things they found and it was fresh and exciting and we were laughing.  It was great.  Then I saw a snake swimming right toward me. A very colorful snake.  It was as plain as if it were really happening.  It was coming straight toward my rock. Fear overwhelmed me.  I kept thinking it could rise up and bite me.  I told the leader that there was a snake and he advised me to stay on the rock.  I pleaded my case of how the snake could bite me and how I was afraid. He firmly told me that I would be alright and stay on my rock.  As the snake got closer I panicked and stepped off the rock and ran to the bank with the leader.  I looked behind me and the snake was chasing me.  The leader told me the snake was drawn by my commotion and I forgot that it can chase me on land as the same as water.  I ran into a building and shut the door with my heart pounding.  Just as soon I shut the door relief flooded me.  Later the leader came in and I told him I was ready to get back out in the stream and he told me I couldn’t.  He explained that I had my chance and the others were still out there reveling in their finds. But, because of fear I allowed myself to miss out on the adventure.  I begged him to let me try again and I wouldn’t get off the rock this time.  He told me next time, but this time has already passed for me.  I was so disappointed and mad at myself for not listening.  That stupid snake!!!!


Well, I kept thinking about this and tried to analyze and decipher this dream.  And I came up with some really good stuff, and yet, it didn’t satisfy my mind or my spirit.  I was at the Life Group Praise and Worship services and we were singing and I was totally drawn into God’s Presence.  And then He revealed what it meant.  I could see myself on that rock standing and stretching my arms and body toward Him, upstream, as much as I could.  He told me to push through. Push through the fear,  the exhaustion, the pain, the frustrations, the busy schedule, and the excuses that would stop the new, fresh things that He wanted to start with me.  It was like, don’t allow anything to get you off the rock and run. Or in other words, don’t stop the ministries and reaching out that God had placed in my heart to do.  Like the Life Groups.  He wants me to seek out fresh, and old treasures He instilled in me and stay in His will.  Don’t cop out with I am too busy or exhausted or frustrated.  He wants me to push through it and have joy.


I almost testified that night and tell everyone that the Life Groups are so important and don’t get discouraged.  Stay on track and allow God to do what He has planned to do.  All we have to do is stay obedient.


The enemy will try to intimidate and try to cause fear.  He doesn’t come in reality in the form of a snake.  He comes in different forms to different people.  It is important to learn to recognize his tactics and not be moved.



4 thoughts on “Stay On The Rock

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  1. Love this Lisa!!

    It is so easy to get discouraged and distracted even when we are being led the right direction.

    Thank you for the courage to lead a Life Group at Canvas and be such an amazing mentor to so many of us.

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