Christmas Focus

christmas lensThis Christmas season, I’m finding myself in a slightly different frame of mind. Those things that normally incite my enthusiasm for the holiday have seemed to lost some of their sheen. Yes, I still enjoy the Christmas music, setting up and decorating a tree, buying gifts, and so on. But it’s almost like I’m seeing all the traditional aspects of this holiday through a different lens–a clearer lens–correcting my Christmas focus, if you will.
I don’t see it simply as Jesus’ birthday, nor are images of the baby Jesus in a manger being summoned to mind. Instead, I find myself reflecting more on the whole beautiful story within which we are brief characters and how the birth of Christ factors into this grand story. Written by God, this story has a glorious beginning and ending, and in the middle is an absolutely powerful climax, which is the death and resurrection of the main character, Jesus Christ. His birth is the beginning of that climactic point of this story.
So how does this relate to me seeing Christmas differently? It gives me a broader lens through which to look, not only at Christmas but at life, general. I don’t see just the here and now; I can see the bigger picture, and it helps give me a straighter, clearer perspective. I can find joy and truly celebrate this holiday without requiring all that other “stuff.”

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