Trust In Me

trust1Luke 12:32 Don’t be afraid of missing out. You’re my dearest friends! The Father wants to give you the very kingdom itself

There are so many things we all could list as what we are thankful for.  I want to center in on this, I am thankful for the trust that God has in us.

We talk a lot about us trusting God, but, it is amazing when we start thinking about the reverse of that.

  1. In my own life, he has trusted me with being the parent of a special needs daughter.  For years, I was focused too much on the challenges that come with this assignment, but, my whole life changed when I focused on the trust that God had in me to know that I could handle the task.
  2. He has also trusted me with a wife, kids, and now grandchildren.  He left His word here so we can have directions on how to best fill these roles, but He trusts us to seek His way of doing things.  We are not robotic in the way God wants us to follow Him, he gives us a will and a choice in the way we do things.
  3. He trusts us to share His word.  The message of the gospel is eternal and perfect, but He trusts all of us to deliver that word to the world.
  4. He trusts us to care for each other.  No matter what agency might be available to meet the needs of this world, nothing takes the place of God’s people providing love and compassion to those around us.  God trusts the church to always do the work of ministry.
  5. He gives us 100% of the money we earn, and trusts that we will return 10% back to Him.  Think about that.  The owner of the universe trusts you with 90% of your income!

These are just a few of the things that I have been thinking on.  What has God trusted you with?

~Rick Lambert


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