Little But Loved

mebradsunsetAs many of you know, Brad and I just came back from a 7 Day cruise in the Western Caribbean.  We saw and experienced so many amazing things.  As far as fun, my favorite thing was going to Stingray City in Grand Cayman.  We got to love on and feed the stingrays. I’ve been waiting to do that since I was 15, and it was awesome.  But it wasn’t my favorite moment.


The best moment was at sunset one night after dinner, Brad and I walked to the bow of the ship.  I included a picture about halfway to the bow.  I know what some of you are thinking, that we had a Jack and Rose “Titanic” moment, “king of the world” and all that.  But it was quite the opposite.


The sunset was stunning.  The sky was filled with color.  Just before the sun actually set, it was fiery orange and red against the dark ocean.  We pulled away from the land, and the sun set quickly.  Then all we could see was the reflection of the moon on the water, stars, and darkness.


I’ve been out in the ocean many times before, but always able to see land even at a distance.  When we were standing out there, with just ocean and darkness.  It was like we were standing next to God.


In all the vastness of everything He has made, the ocean to me is probably one of the most awesome things because of the sheer volume and all it contains.  Standing there in the midst of it, realizing just how great it actually was, I realized just how little I am.  Just a tiny speck in all of His creation.




He made man to be the only creation that would be His image bearer.  What a privilege to carry the image of Elohim!  The one who made everything.


In Revelation 13:8, it says the Lamb was slain from the foundations of the earth.  When God created that giant ocean, he had already set in to motion the greatest love story of all time.  He had already began laying the foundation and groundwork for Christ to come and save us all from death.


He loved me so much that He would rather sacrifice His own son, than to spend eternity without me.  His grace is sufficient for me and it is a gift that I can never repay.  A free gift, so that I cannot boast in myself.  (Ephesians 2:8-9)


So standing on that bow, I didn’t feel like “the king of the world,”  but I knew I was teeny tiny, and that the sovereign God of the universe and King and Lord of all loved me anyway.







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