What Do You Expect From Today?

calendar-date-thumb-tack“You do not know what you are going to do; the only thing you know is that God knows what He is doing…It is this attitude that keeps you in perpetual wonder–you do not know what God is going to do next.” ~Oswald Chambers

I find myself at the end of a hard-earned fall break. To say my job is a challenge is a sharp understatement; so knowing that fall break is over and that I must go back to work has induced many sighs. I found myself thinking, “Lord, I’m really dreading going back to work.” And no sooner than that thought had taken form, God countered it with, “What if instead of dreading it, you met each day with expectation of what I will do.”

Seriously, what if that was the attitude with which we approached each and every day? Not fearing, not worrying, not dreading…but in anticipation and wonder of the many things that God could do through us and for us. Because each new day presents a new opportunity for us to witness the many wonderful things that God is doing all around us.

Maybe it’s Him blessing you in an amazing way, or maybe you witness the way He blesses someone else. Maybe He uses you to bless another. Maybe He teaches you a new lesson or speaks to you in a moment you desperately need to hear His voice. Maybe you find yourself in a series of dark days, and He is the one light you have to help you through the darkness. This list could go on (but I’ll stop there for the sake of brevity).

There’s not a single day that passes that God is not moving or speaking in our lives, but we risk missing out on these moments, or missing out on opportunities He presents to us, because our minds are too preoccupied with what’s wrong with or what we don’t like about our day or our life.

So live expectantly. Take on each day with the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is ever-present, ever-moving, ever-breathing in your life; and you never know what He’ll do next.



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