Growing Together

CC w_text-1.018-001This blog post is going to be a little different from my normal post.  I want to take a minute to talk about a change that we have made in our church that has been really good for me.  You see, I am not a terribly outgoing person.  I am a bit of an introvert, and I tend to be reserved and even aloof at times.  I don’t always feel comfortable or at ease in large groups, but I am absolutely loving the latest overhaul that we have done at Canvas Church.

Over the last few months, we have transitioned to Life Groups in our church.  We have close to a dozen life groups that meet all over town on just about every night of the week.  I absolutely love the opportunity to meet together with a small group of people and dig into the word together.  One of the wonderful things about Canvas is that each and every time that I show up, it feels like a family reunion.  We have a community of believers that truly love each other and love growing together.  This feeling has only increased with the addition of life groups.  I am in a setting where I feel more at home.  I am getting to know people on a more personal level that I would likely never reach in a large group setting.

I wanted to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug our life groups at Canvas Church.  If you come to Canvas but haven’t signed up for a life group, you are truly missing out.  It is a wonderful opportunity to form stronger bonds with other people just like you while at the same time working to become more like the disciples that we are called to be.  Please, please, please sign up for a Life Group the next chance you get.  If you go to another church that has life groups, I would definitely encourage you to get plugged in.  If your church doesn’t have life groups, I would encourage you to get a group of people together and study God’s Word together.  I cannot tell you enough how great this change has been for me.



5 thoughts on “Growing Together

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  1. It’s a wonderful thing! It gives people a chance to interface at a much more intimate level. I like the change very much. 🙂

  2. I love interacting in a small group setting. I am glad that the small groups are working so well this early on in the process.

  3. LG’s are going to be an awesome tool here at Canvas. Very excited about them!! I like what you said James, it gives us the opportunity to get to know people we may not reach out to normally. I am looking forward to that.

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