The Color Of Your Tribe

maasai-warrior1The Maasai people are a tribe in Kenya, Africa. They are a very interesting people. They are the most isolated tribe in all of Africa and are the one of the few remaining that are keeping to their old ways and not letting any new modern norms into their culture.

As far as it relates to us though, they have something amazing. In their culture, hunting lions is a rite of passage for them. Now this isn’t just a weird hobby. Lions are a genuine threat to the warriors and their families. Not to mention they’re only weapons are spears and javelins. They don’t have fancy guns or body armor to protect them. They hunt these killing machines old school.

Another tactic they employ is they pile up these huge piles of these branches from local bushes that have three-inch thorns and create a wall around their dwellings. This is very impressive since they are nomadic.

Now in addition to being warriors who know how to protect their families and being brave enough to get within three feet of a lion and try to kill it, there’s one more thing that makes them stand out as an amazing people: most lions know to fear them. Researchers have observed lion behavior and has detailed that lions have learned to steer clear of their brightly colored dressings. This is similar to other animals known by their markings, that some animals are poisonous and off-limits.

So all of this I bring back to us as believers. Do we know how to defend our homes against the lions that seek to devour us and our families? Are we brave enough to chase the lions that prowl around the shadows of our lives and pin them to the ground with our weapons of righteousness?

The Bible is rife with spiritual battle and descriptions of warfare. We should take note and when we’re under attack spiritually, we shouldn’t run from the fight, but find others to stand with us and fight shoulder to shoulder. Or simple look to our small groups. They are our reinforcements. They are the Calvary that’s going to see you through the fight.



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  1. Thank you for your thoughts about this, Brad. God gives us the armor to protect us against the wiles of the devil. 🙂

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