Safe In His Arms

safe-arms-hand-extendHow hard is it to surrender? While I was singing this past Sunday, I felt an overwhelming need to speak up. Turns out, God was confirming that with another band mate. Sue was playing the keys and praying for me to say what God laid on my heart. I blubbered through a small bit of what words were flowing through my consciousness, but in my opinion didn’t articulate it too well. Obedience is rarely an act of perfection on our part.  It is all about willingness to let go and trust.

I am incredibly uncomfortable with uncertainty. Is there really many people who love the feeling of helplessness or knowing there is a possibility that you could sound like an idiot?  I love being able to safely control situations (at least thinking I can). I don’t like thinking that I’m exposed, vulnerable to judgment from others.  Giving control over to another being is not something that comes easy to me.  I’ll just say it plainly, I don’t like the initial feeling of surrendering. I feel weak.

That is all about FEELING…how about what we KNOW to be TRUTH?  Who better to surrender to? The One that was powerful enough to create the world with a breath from His lungs. The One who conquered death. The One who will never leave or forsake us.  He is safe. He will not make fun of our incompetency or hold our mistakes against us.

He has made a covenant with us that is binding. Not out of obligation, but because He totally and completely believes we are worth it. I am His and He is mine. My life is already in His hands, so why shouldn’t my trust be? Actions will speak louder than words.  My first instinct is to preserve my self control and hold on to what a can make happen, but He is challenging me to surrender and lay EVERYTHING as a love sacrifice at His feet. HIS LOVE MAKES IT WORTH IT ALL!!!

Callie Ann

3 thoughts on “Safe In His Arms

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  1. Remember when we were kids and teenagers, we wanted to have our way and we dreamed that when we were old enough we would do what we wanted. Just let’s you see how long we have been dealing with control issues, it’s just something none of us like to face. The fact of the matter is, we are all subject to control in one way or another! The question should be, are we allowing God to be the center of that control? (Physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually) GET OUT OF THE WAY… ME!

  2. Thank you for speaking up, Callie! Every human being struggles with surrendering, because rebellion and the erroneous notion of self-sufficiency comprise the original sin. You have stated God’s truth in communicating that He is in control, even when we think He is not. We are deceived when we believe we control anything in the final analysis. Praise God He is in the true driver’s seat!

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