Down To Brass Tacks

brasstacksLet’s face it, this whole faith and religion and spiritual stuff is pretty easy to go along with when it’s sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops. When it’s easy, everyone’s on the bus. This isn’t about that. This is about when the sky darkens, and rain is pouring down and the it feels like the pillars of Heaven are being shaken. That’s when faith and religion and all the spiritual stuff really matters. That’s when you know if you really believe.

Myself currently was laid off from my job of eight years and now am looking into the void and waiting for a response. I’ve always said unemployment is great for the first two weeks, but as soon as you get that last paycheck and you realize that is the very last one, it becomes shipwreck instead of the pleasure cruise it was. I’ve not quit hit the shipwreck yet. I’m barely a week out. I’ve been unemployed before so it’s not anything new, but it’s a bit of a shock to have eight years of habits and not longer being able to do them. I will say this though, this time it’s been different. The only anxiety I’ve felt has been minimal. I’ve begun to see this time as not a time to stress, but in fact a time to rest. A sabbatical if you will. A time to get all the things done around the home that I’ve put off for a while. A time to catch up with friends I’ve not had the time to spend with. A time for new beginnings. I can say all of that because I know God has me in this. It’s all going according to plan.

Now I still applied for unemployment, I’ve been putting in applications left and right, but I know God has something in mind and I trust him with it. That’s where faith comes in. We can’t forget in the dark what God taught us in the light. In the dark, it’s where it shines the brightest. It makes the most sense. I will give you an example of the way God works. Over a year and a half ago, my wife had a car accident and went to the emergency room. Just yesterday she received two separate checks for a good bit of money for a co-pay she paid and wasn’t supposed to. Now a year and a half later, that money just happens to make it to our mailbox. He will provide. You just have to trust. All this faith stuff isn’t really designed to function at it’s best when the light is on. It’s a candle that burns brightest in the dark. If you also are in the dark, drop me a line and I’ll pray with you. Take comfort, your faith was designed for this. If you’re in the light, pray for those who are trying to find their way back.

~Brad McClain


3 thoughts on “Down To Brass Tacks

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  1. God is always with us and loves us so much! He wants us to rely on Him and He will provide! Thanks for sharing God’s blessing in your life!

  2. “We can’t forget in the dark what God taught us in the light. In the dark, it’s where it shines the brightest.” Love that! 🙂

  3. Thank you for this blog, Brad. It’s a good reminder of who God is, and how He keeps proving Himself in our lives…if we will live for Him, He said He will be our God and bless us and keep us.

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