Let Me Hand You A Sledgehammer

brick wallHow do you know you really want it bad enough?

I’m working on a really exciting change in our church right now. Canvas Church is making a huge transition from our Wednesday night program to Life Groups. It’s a new season to meet more of the spiritual needs of our church body.

How do you know you’re on the right path, taking the right direction, leading down the right road?

I love my church. I love the opportunities to serve and to grow. I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of changing things up at first. I was worried. We make claims, we don’t want to be just another church on another corner. We want to change lives. And when you get right down to the meat of the issue, after some serious prayer and planning over the last year, I’m all in. I’m excited.

I see potential for real discipleship, real building up and equipping of the christian community. Right now, I see everything available and within reach, just on the other side.

When you want to change, there is going to be opposition. When you want to be different from other churches in your community, you have to push on, climb over the wall, break it down with a sledgehammer if necessary. We are called to be so much more.

The deepest parts of who I am longs for opportunities to put real tools in the hands of christians. I want to see our church be strong and confident in their beliefs. I want to see people serving. I want to see homes sharing the Word of God. I want to see fellowship and shared hope. I want to see authentic love, accountability and forgiveness in real action.

I see this, Life Groups, like handing our entire church sledgehammers and asking them to break the mold. Be bolder. Want it more. Want to be different. We are not bound by the walls of our building or even the boxes the world and our “religion” has told christians to live in. Break free. Want it bad enough.

If you want it bad enough, you faithfully take the first swing and hope a few will join you.


Originally posted at Angela’s blog Wide Open Spaces.


4 thoughts on “Let Me Hand You A Sledgehammer

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  1. Yes..we are called to go wherever God tells us. As His Word says, those who belong to Him are of the Spirit, and they go wherever the Spirit calls them, sometimes seeming like the wind. The church is a body, not a building or even one group of people. Thank you for expressing your thoughts!

  2. Love this blog!!! I love the illustration of us using a sledgehammer. It’s a great depiction of what needs to happen. We are all called to tear down walls. Thanks for this blog Angela!!!!

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