Yes!When Jesus walked on earth, was he a man or was he God?  The answer is yes.

Is our walk with God based on faith, or are our works important.  The answer is yes.

Is God the creator of the universe, the Lord of Lords, or is He our closest friend?  The answer to all of these questions is YES!  In theological terminology, this is known as the dichotomy of scripture, to the carnal mind, these are ideas that contradict each other.  Aren’t you glad that our Heavenly Father is not limited to confirming to our carnal mind?  Think about the way we have been taught and the way we treat our personal relationship with Christ.  Are we sinners saved by grace, or, are we joint heirs with Jesus?  The answer again is yes! When we worship, are we moved to sitting in Heavenly places, or are we making a seat for Christ to join us and he inhabits the place where we are? Yes!  You see, I think the church has spent way too much time and effort over the years discussing and defending issues like these, when in reality, the church has always had more to agree on than we ever had to disagree on.  I have always tried to teach my kids that we should look at ways of saying yes instead of saying no.  I present this idea for us to ponder, and I challenge every one of us to be yes people.




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  1. Sum it up. Try to be positive in a negative world. Try to be an encourager in a judgmental world. Try no to become critical minded, but look for the positive yes in situations.

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