Right Place, Right Time

dylann wallsThese past few months have been such a whirlwind. Sometimes I wonder if I’m taking enough time to enjoy all of the awesome things that are happening. In the middle of all of this chaotic time, there has been a day that I have been looking forward to. The building and putting up of walls is a big day in building a house. It turns a stack of concrete and turns it into a building. I know God has been with me on this whole journey, but I cannot thank him enough for the blessing he gave me Saturday.


My schedule has been so booked lately; I didn’t even realize that the walls of my house were going up the same day I planned on running (or walking for the most part) my first 5K. Both were important to me. Obviously putting up walls was a little more important, but I had already made a commitment to 6 other people and I couldn’t let them down. I wanted to do both, and put it in God’s hands to make a least part of it happen. I was hoping I would be at my house to put up at least one of the big walls.


Saturday morning came and I prayed to God that I wouldn’t stress all day about making it to my house on time. I decided that He would put me at the right places at the right time. So we did the 5K, and then I headed straight to my new neighborhood. I was trying not to stress, but was hoping and praying I could at least put up one wall with the wonderful church that is sponsoring my house.


And wouldn’t you know God delivered (as He always does!) I got there in perfect timing. They were just about to put up the first wall when I arrived. Doing this was a very emotional thing. Building our future home is emotional for me anyway, but this was the first sign of an actual house!


I also wanted to savor this moment with my boys since they can’t be there while the construction was happening so I took the advice of one of the volunteers, Ed. I decided to have a picnic with them in our new house so they could enjoy the day too. I think letting them see all of the different stages, and explaining to them everything that is going on in the house helps them feel like they’re a part of everything. I think this helped me feel like I was taking the time to rejoice in this blessing.


You can follow more of Dylann’s story on her blog: Journey to a Habitat Home


5 thoughts on “Right Place, Right Time

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  1. Dylann, I’m really enjoying your blogs. It’s amazing to read about the way God is working in your life! Just more proof of what a good God He is. 🙂

  2. So wonderful to follow your story on your journey. 🙂 God blesses us from His love for us…praise to Him that we don’t have to earn it!

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