I’m Not A Loser

Do you ever have those days when you feel like the most misunderstood person on Earth? Or maybe you feel you’re just one big fault machine, cranking out the screw-ups on a daily basis? Me being a “type A” personality, I definitely have had these feelings a time or three. At the worst of these times, I have felt like a loser, for lack of a better word. These are the times that I’m a bit slow to remember that His grace truly is sufficient for me.
Because He is such a good and gracious God, He is not at all intimidated or discouraged by my faults and failures, nor do they dampen His affection for me. My shortcomings do not define me anymore than my gifts do. Having faults does not make me a failure; they just mean I’m human. But God can look past my fleshly state because He knows the very deepest depths of my being–the very nature and workings of my heart. He knows who I truly am (which is not a loser, by the way).
In the devotional Make Haste, My Beloved, Frances J Roberts expresses this beautifully in two simple sentences: “You judge yourself incurably sinful. [He sees] you as potentially pure.” He knows who I have been and who I will be–who He created me to be. He’s not so much concerned with me being perfect right now as He is with me having a soft, pliable heart, willing to be bent and molded as He sees fit.
We don’t need to feel discouraged by our failures or shortcomings. They are not who we are (deep, I know). God knows who we are. We just need to shift our eyes from our faults and keep them fixed on Him, seeking Him whole-heartedly, and watch as He transforms us to the creatures He intended for us to be.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not A Loser

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  1. It is difficult to walk after God, given our fallen fleshly state. The truth He ministers to me is that no one is any more deserving of His forgiveness, love, or intervention, even when we are “fantastic” by the world’s or even the church’s standards of behavior. Mother Theresa needed Jesus every bit as much as anyone else who needs Him. And as you pointed out, He is the only one capable of truly changing our hearts and minds to transform us into who we truly are. Thanks for this blog, Alanna!

  2. I disappoint myself daily due to my shortcomings. My heart wants better, but my mind gets too full of everyday life. Thank God for His mercies.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, ladies! Understanding God’s grace and fully accepting it has been a challenge for me. I’m so thankful He is merciful…and patient. 😉

  4. Thank you Alanna for sharing. I cant tell you how many times I have prayed, “Lord, show me what you see, because I don’t like what I see in me today.” He is always faithful, with the reminder of his grace and even in my “loser” moments His name is glorified in my life because I remember to be dependent on Him.

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