Moving Three Foot Mountains

diy-boxes-stackedSo our fast has ended recently and during the fast, my spiritual life was through the roof. My worship was sweeter, my prayers were more frequent and seemed to have power, and getting out of bed in the morning was easier than normal. The fast was wonderful.

Now, it’s a different story. I don’t pray as much, my worship comes out of a place of almost desperation because it’s been so long since I’ve talked with God or even worshiped, I feel like I’ve got distance to cover. So needless to say, huge difference.

In my walk with God, I have set aside a specific place where I meet with God everyday. And we met daily on the fast. Since the end of the fast and me having gotten into my slackery ways, a few boxes have made their way into my spot. And they aren’t necessarily huge or heavy, they’ve just been placed there because there was open space. And everyday the thought crosses my mind, “Those boxes aren’t that heavy. In fact, I wouldn’t even have to pick them up. In reality, I could just slide them with my feet and my spot would be open again”. I never do it though.

I’ve just got stagnant in my faith and I’ve given God a part-time spot in my life. I’m not entirely okay with that fact, but I am realizing that it is a fact. So with that fact staring me in the face everyday, I honestly have a choice: reclaim my spot or make a new one. Either way, I need to be prioritizing God. As do we all.

If we’re all really honest with ourselves, we all do this. In one form or another. It’s not really about the boxes and it’s not really about “not feeling it”. What it really comes down to is us asking God to revitalize us. Life is busy and in our culture, work doesn’t stop. Being a workaholic is almost a laudable thing to be. We work harder and longer and as a result, need more rest and seek more comfort when we can get it. We need to rebalance our lives and place God back on the throne of our hearts.

And maybe we just need to pray and say to God, “I’ve grown bored with you. Renew me and revitalize me. Make it exciting once again”. Now that may seem to be an arrogant prayer to pray. It’s really not, because it’s really just an honest prayer. Those of us who are doing this spiritual thing as a big part of our lives and are kind of in the business can grow tired of God. If it’s all you eat, sleep, and think about, you can wear yourself out on it. It all comes back to balance and priority. Maybe 15 minutes less of sleep for 15 min with God. Or 10 minutes less of television for 10 more minutes with God. Small changes can yield big results. And eventually you’ll move that box of stuff and having really good talks again.



3 thoughts on “Moving Three Foot Mountains

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  1. Thank you for being so honest and open about the fact that “slackery” {love that and think I’ll keep it 🙂 } is pretty much a universal problem in our relationship with God. It reminds me that He often places obstacles in our paths to draw us back to Himself, just a little something to remind us how very desperately we DO need Him!

    He values our honesty with Him. A friend of mine told me that once, while going through a dry season in his walk, he told God that to be honest, at that point, reading the phone book was more interesting than the Word, and could He renew his hunger for Him and His Word? Of course God was faithful to help him.

  2. If we were all honest, we would admit we have similar experience of closeness and driftings. Thanks for the post.

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