549935_10151430839079927_1505605462_nMy house is being built! I am so excited! I had hoped for a certain section of the property for my house to be built on. It has the most beautiful view of a field, and an old barn behind it. It’s also at the edge of the property so I will get to be somewhat off to myself. I hadn’t really told anyone but a few of my friends of my wishful thinking about the placement of my house.

On Saturday February 13, I was helping paint one of the houses to earn some of my sweat equity hours and Angela, the Habitat Communications Coordinator, was there taking pictures, as she does regularly. By the way, I am not the best painter in the world. I had paint all over me! I have now noted that it is never a good idea to touch your hair while painting a house. It took me a week to get all of it out. But I digress; Angela and I started having a conversation about where I wanted my house. I told her about my thoughts of the property I would want, and we both decided “God would put me where I needed to be.”

Later that same day, Shauna, the Executive Director at our Habitat came to the construction site. She gave me the great news, and I’m tearing up just thinking about this, that they knew where my house would soon be built. And guess where it was? The exact place I wanted it to be!

I also got surprised the day they actually started on my house. I was volunteering last Saturday, and saw that they had started on a house but I didn’t think it was mine. I didn’t realize they were pouring the foundation for OUR house until someone told me. I really love that I can see it being built from the ground up. I even got to pick colors the other day for my siding, roof, countertops, carpet, and tile.

It is just so amazing how the grace of God works. I give Him all the glory for all of these wonderful things that are happening in my life. The place they are building for my family has ownership of our future inside, and I can’t wait to see what it holds!


You can follow more of Dylann’s story at her blog: Journey to a Habitat Home


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  1. So wonderful a blessing for you and your kids!!! God is surely shining His favor on you…I rejoice with you and for you!!!

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