One of the Greek words for Obedience is Hupotasso.
It means to subject one’s control.

Obedience is probably one of the most powerful displays of worship. Think about it, to be obedient with the will of God means to be disobedient to your fleshly desires. Turn your back on yourself and follow HIM. Ok…hold that thought…

In the beginning there was God…there were angels. There was this one angle that stood out among the other angel’s. He chose disobedience and got thrown out of heaven.

This is what God said of this Angel…Lucifer…”You were the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God…You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained You. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created…Till wickedness was found in you. (Ezekial 28:12-15) Satan allowed his own selfish ambition get in his way and it caused him to be disobedient. The result? Well….you know that…

Satan wanted to be served. He wanted God to serve HIM. Doesn’t that sound familier though? How many times do we get upset at God because He isn’t doing as we think HE should. So in essence we ask the questions…”Where are You God?”, “Why won’t You _______ God?”…you get the point. We expect God to serve US. Then, like Satan does, we use scripture to try and get it. ”God, You said ______”, we try to use His scripture and throw it in His face. Do you really think this will work?

What does God want?

True, selfless, obedience.

We live our life…making plans and goals for ourselves and then when we think God is talking to us…try obedience out.
What if we tuned our ear to God, lived our life according to HIS scripture and lived a life of obedience?

What if we lived our life “listening”…”watching”…”praying”…

Obedience is tough because of our own selfish ambition. We worry too much about the consequences. Maybe that is because we put too much value on too many things that shouldn’t be valued. God created us to worship. To honor. HIM.

We lay our lives down as a living sacrifice daily in order to live a life of obedience. We must not let our own selfish ambition get in the way. Ok, there is nothing wrong with having plans, goals, desires. I am just saying that if those things cause disobedience then you need to rethink how much value you are putting on those things. Obedience SHOULDN’T be as difficult as it is because our hearts SHOULD beat more in rhythm with the heart of God. But, the more in rhythm we get with God…the easier it gets to just…..obey.


Because we want what God wants. When we live for ourselves we just want what…well…what WE want. But when we are truly living a life, obedient to the will of God in our life then that because the more important thing.

Example and then I’ll shut up:
I worked at ADP when I lived in Atlanta. I worked there for about a year. Now, there was this girl that worked in the mail room that was VERY wild. She had no interest in honoring God with her life. I know this simply by the detailed stories I heard from her and her friends. I usually ended up having to walk away. In any case, I went into the mailroom to help out one day and out of nowhere she started asking me questions about God. I was shocked…but pleasantly shocked. After a few minutes one of the managers came over and pulled me aside and told me I needed to not talk about those things because it could offend someone. He made his threat, told me to stop and started to walk off. So…I respectfully called him back and gave my response. I respectfully told him that first, she came to me asking. Second, I told him that I have to sit and listen to his filthy language, his overly details stories about his partying and he never ONCE takes into consideration that, that could offend someone. I told him that when he quits talking like that then I will quit talking about God. Until then….I’m not shutting up. And I didn’t….Now, I don’t know if that girl ever turned to God or not. But I saw an opportunity and I took it. My job was threatened but at that point obedience to God trumped me having a job. God looked out for me and protected my job. But even if I had gotten fired…it would have geen worth it.

We must be obediente without the worry of consequences People need it. They need what we have and if we are quiet because of our selfish ambition then we are missing the point. We are missing the mark.

Live a life of obedience. We aren’t here for our own success….we are here for the Kingdom. Lets fight for It.

Subject control to our Father and let Him lead you. In order to be lead….we must be obedient. ~Jerod

Original post from Jerod’s blog: Jerod’s Mind Unraveled


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  1. One of my favorite scriptures is Hosea 6:6 where God says that He desires obedience rather than sacrifice, to love and follow Him first rather than apologizing and “making up for it later”. He says this out of love for us, because He knows that “making up for it” involves a lot more pain and inconvenience. Inherent within that is a relentless pursuit of excellence so that His name will be glorified because of His people’s actions. Thanks for this reminder!

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