For Those Who Fear

It’s a brisk summer day in 1982. My father has me in his arms as he stands in the lake with water up to his knees. My small toddler legs dangle but haven’t touched the water yet….

I’m a grown woman and only remembering fragments of this day..fragments that my heavenly Father made a point of my recollecting. father slowly walks further and further out until I’m up to my elbows now. My water wings have been removed. I have the security of the one who is carrying me now. There is a flicker of sunshine fragment. It was so beautiful that day. My fathers arms are strong and I’m enjoying the free ride. We go out a little further. I’m up to my shoulders now. He looks at me and says “I’m going to dunk you now.” I begin to feel terror. I had never done this before. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand the terror. All I knew was I was NOT going to let this happen. I begin to cry…and then scream. I wasn’t going under! No way! No how! My father offered up encouragement and tried to inspire me to be brave. It took a lot of coaxing but about ten minutes later, my older brother and sister who had been playing in the water were now also around me telling and explaining to me why it was going to be ok and that I COULD do it. With red eyes still wet with tears I reluctantly let my father put his hand over mine as I hold my nose. With a smile he say’s “Hold tight and close your eyes!” I go under the cool crisp water and then I emerge realizing there had never been anything to be afraid of.

The fear of death creeps in our hearts and tries to steal the joy. We spend so much time being afraid of something that we know nothing about. We can pass the time kicking and screaming in fear or trust the one who holds us and wait to emerge.



6 thoughts on “For Those Who Fear

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  1. Short, sweet and to the point. I love it. We can all relate to this story. Maybe no in detail but in the main point. Letting God just take us where HE wants and trusting HIM the whole way. Even when it involves, in our eyes, us seeing the possibility of losing control. I say AMEN to this.

  2. Someone close and very youthful died suddenly not so long ago. They didn’t have time to live a long happy life and it shook me very badly. This was Gods response to that fear<3

  3. Very nice blog, Leesa! I, for one, can so totally relate to it. Fear is a beast, but thankfully God is much bigger than even the most formidable of beasts. Thanks for posting, sista!

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