Schedules….who doesn’t have crazy schedules? 99% of the time the day starts with a shower, then a cup of coffee, work, kids, meetings, trying to remember if you brushed your teeth this morning and it all starts over in 24 hours. With the fast pace lives most Americans live, we try and make time for everything and unfortunately we try to “make” time for God. Let me explain, spending time with our father should not be penciled in whenever we have a free second or when we can show up on Sunday mornings for an hour of worship. We as Christians need to “take” time for God making Him first on our list and everything else coming in second. Exodus 34:14 “For you shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is jealous, and is a jealous God.” God longs to spend time with His children, He wants to hear from us and have intimate one of one time daily. Unfortunately, we have other “gods” that take his place, for example; work, TV, internet, cell phones, or just pure laziness just to name a few. Let’s all just take a minute to reflect how many hours we spend on the internet in relation to how much time we actually spend talking with God or reading His word. I have been a Christian since the age of 15 and have struggled with managing my time with God since the beginning. I try and “make” time for God when I need to be taking time with Him. I’m the ungrateful child who expects God to work through me and in me but gives little of my time in return. My cry for all of us is to take time with our God, to schedule our day not to fit Him in but to mold our day around Him. We need to come to a point in our relationship when we throw away the “weekend visitation” and start every morning putting Him first. We should be saturating everything in prayer, singing His praises, studying His word, and doing all of this as our top priority instead of “when I get a chance”. Honestly, can you think of how pleasing this would be to our Father, can you just imagine the smile on His face? I strongly encourage all of us to be grateful children to our awesome Abba and show Him this by reflecting it in our busy schedules.

~Paul Armstrong


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  1. Wonderful post, Paul! While it’s difficult for us to keep all our obligations straight, we must never forget the most important commitment we have…our relationship with God. We need Him to plan out our days so that we will be effective tools for Him. Otherwise, we can only do what our limited wisdom can offer.

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