A Drop In The Bucket

Two years worth of Holy Spirit inspired revelation, blurbs and love declarations. Hope you enjoy♥

If you INSIST on being fearful I will pray you are as such long enough that you grow intolerant of the lie and RISE. God will use your circumstance for the kingdom and because He adores you♥

The dark clouds ahead don’t bother me bc I know what’s between and above them. If God be for me then who cares who’s against me;)

I don’t have a greatest failure since I’ve chosen to follow Christ. If I ever were to stop trying and be defeated without getting back up…THAT would become my greatest failure…THIS is the way HE sees us

The depth of your roots are evident when you find yourself in the desert. Sink or swim. Praise Him through the storm♥

Amazing grace. Once was blind but now I SEE. This is why I cling so tightly to my King♥

These visions of falling at your feet in heaven envelope me…your purity, matchless love and glory resonate. I just want to be with you all day my GOD♥

No amount of romantic dinners, exotic trips, pretty clothing, sweet gestures, doors opened, wealth or flattery can match the value of a prayer said by a husband for his wife♥

Memorizing scripture is great but the school of “Hard Knocks” makes you REMEMBER them.

My enemy must not realize that the tricks he pulls only make me cling tighter to my Saviour. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Your circumstance does not change Gods purpose for you;
What would happen if we used our discernment and weren’t afraid to put others on front street w accountability? My guess would be lots of heartache, salvation and Gods justice♥

We exhaust ourselves on with damage control and disclaimers all the while God is saying “Seek my face..my presence first and watch me do the rest.”~Matthew 6:33

How much we grow depends on how far we are willing to go with Him in order to enter into His purpose.

If there’s still a struggle then you’re not defeated yet. Persevere♥
You belong in the greatness that God has purposed for you…don’t believe your adversary’s lie that you don’t;)

If you examine christians for flaws to reinforce your disbelief you’ll be gratified every time. I am the #1 hypocrite. Romans 3:23 For we have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

You can overcome a million of Judas’ kisses.

The words of gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a mans inmost parts~Proverbs Gossip is gross..just like your momma said..if ya got nothin nice to say then shut it:p

I owe HIM my life and I don’t mind at all

Look for opp. to make others feel good about themselves.

You’ll eventually drop the ball…its human..we r flawed. The closest you’ll come to “control” is through prayer to The living God♥

My God takes the most unexpected run down beat up people and says “Watch what I’m about to do.” He’s waiting for you to step into your purpose;)

If my enemy didn’t mess with me as much as he likes to I would be suspicious that I wasn’t doing something right in my walk with God..he knows how valuable you are to the kingdom…do you??
If you lose your vision than you better kiss your dream bye bye…key word today…FOCUS;)

There is no way to truly know how many times HE has healed us and saved us from tribulation…and yet we focus solely on the storm at hand…spoiled much? Grace IS amazing♥

“Balance your workouts and healthy eating. be careful not to worship the image you’re tryin’ to create. Being healthy CANNOT be your savior #OnlyChrist”~Amia Freeman

As I grow in ministry I can’t afford to have the wind knocked out of me every time the enemy throws a blow. Read. Pray. Seek Him relentlessly♥

HE orchestrates it all. We are His masterpiece
And its all so beautiful

Being a follower of Christ is one of the hardest things I have done or will ever do, but His joy overtakes me.  L

It should always be considered an honor to be trusted;)

Sometimes I wish for a blind man to stand up and speak on behalf of the weak so there wouldn’t be the chance of favoritism.

He’s been in the process of answering your prayers before you had the chance to open your mouth and even before you were born♥
Sculpted, put through the fire and purified by the blood of Jesus.



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  1. Lovely post, Leesa! Our God is ALWAYS speaking to us, no? We just have to learn how to be still, know He is God, listen, and hear His words…then follow them! You are precious, my sister!

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