One More Day

Happy Leap Year Day! Hope you have something extraordinary planned for your day. Or, if the day seems ordinary, you are able to be the extraordinary in it. Extra days, they don’ come along very often.

A few weeks ago I was running the Myrtle Beach Marathon. Right before mile 18 there was a man receiving chest compressions from an EMS team. There he lay, in the middle of the road, nearing the end of his life.

There are few opportunities for extra days. Somewhere on our calendars there is a day, marked as our last. The moment that will end our journeys here on earth. What would you do if your were given one more day: one more moment to hug your children, one more day to make that phone call, have that lunch, tell your spouse how much you need them.

We make plans. We have hope and dreams for our futures. We save and we ponder the possibilities. All the while, missing the very day that has been given to us.

Why do we put off today? How many extra days will we truly be given? If today was the day, marked as your last, what would you be doing with it? Why aren’t you doing that now? Today is that day you have been given to start something new, or finish something old. Today you can start living the life you want. You can start loving and forgiving, healing and letting go. Start writing, start eating right, start cleaning your closets. Act on all those plans you are making for someday, there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

The man, in the middle of the road, he survived. He was given another day, or a few more. I have no doubt he is living life a little differently. New. I know he has new eyes and a new perspective of his time. A new desire to see his dreams accomplished.

2 Corinthians 5:17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

And just as the man in the road, if you believe in Jesus Christ, you have been resuscitated…. given new life. You have been given a new day to do all that you were created to do. Today is a gift, live it fully. Be intentional, be extraordinary, you are a child of God, created with great purpose.



2 thoughts on “One More Day

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, Angela! It has ministered to my heart in ways I cannot express in words right now. As long as we have breath, there is another chance to change, do the right things, give more, love more. I am so grateful that Jesus gives us so many opportunities!

  2. Interesting perspective Angela. I’m glad to hear the runner you saw survived. We can’t know for sure how he was (is) with the Lord, but we can appreciate and learn from the fact he was granted the gift of more time here on earth. And truely, I feel we should all live a little bit more like each day is a gift. Thanks for the blog!

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