I’ve had my trial’s and been drug through the dirt. I’ve looked for God and never heard him. I’ve doubted he was there. But when I knelt down and begged for God to let me experience him in a whole new way was when I truly knew I was sitting at his feet and was told “I’ve been here the WHOLE time.”  I just never opened my eyes, my ears, or tore down the block of ice I’d built up around my heart to truly BELIEVE he was, until this moment.
There are times we feel defeated (I do a lot) and get drug around, there are times we consistently pray for something and he might not answer immediately so we give up. I have learned it’s NOT OUR TIME. It’s His. We should pray consistently and give our all to him.
“Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will open to you” Luke 11:9
I know I was right with God before the baptism. I felt lead and knew it was time. But honestly it wasn’t until two days before the baptism that I met God in a new place, I felt his hand tugging my heart in a different way, I was in his presence non stop. I consistently prayed for these things, but it was in his time that he wanted me to see him differently. God had written his name on my heart permanently, and I laid my life down for him. I chased after him so long in the wrong way that he came after me in the right.
I’m not a writer and I’m not the greatest at explaining things, I hope you all get what I mean in this story :0) God Bless
Lindsey Ford

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  1. Thanks for this post, Lindsey…it reminds one that God will oftentimes allow us to go through valleys in order to prepare our hearts for something much greater spiritually, something we never would have imagined on our own. He did this for Job and loves us enough to do it for us. We do not see the big picture nor even the end product. All we know is the process, that we are a work in progress. The blessings come when we allow Him to direct and uphold the process with His mighty hand, as He promises in scripture. I’m so happy that you have broken through to a new level with Him! It’s exciting to watch His people grow!

    1. Lindsey, I have been begging and pleading for something very specific in my life for over a year now. And for a year his answer has been “no” or “not yet. So thank you for the inspiration words reminding me that he is never gone and that he hears every word I say even though ALOT of times it doesnt feel like it. You words have brightened my day today.. thank you for sharing!!!

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