Day of Abundance

On Mondays I fill my kitchen with piles of laundry to sort, wash, dry and put away. Today, is no different. My floor is covered and the smell is permeating the air. Although this is very much the normal routine for me, I was overwhelmed with a thought today while I sorted through the stinky socks and picked through blue-jean pockets. I am grateful.

My laundry is the overflow of an abundant life.

I have a healthy, active family. We spend our time with friends, at school, at work, at play. My husband works hard to provide for this menagerie of colored fabric laying across my floor.

Mondays are often given a bad name, marking the end of our rest and leisure. Back to work we go. If most of our lives are spent doing our work, are we living it abundantly?

Do you have a stack of papers, a full inbox, piled high? Do you see that you have been given the talent and gifts, abundantly, to accomplish all of those tasks?

Do you have a classroom full of wild learners, ready to be taught out of the abundance of your knowledge and wisdom?

Do you have a friend, coworker or family member begging for a moment of your time, to receive in an abundance from your love?

Look around you, for all that is to be taken care of, it is because you have been given abundantly.

John 1:16 From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.

Be grateful. Live your days not seeing the work, but see the blessings you have been given.



4 thoughts on “Day of Abundance

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  1. Great blog Angela! Sometimes we can’t see the forest thru the tress, and sometimes we can’t see God’s blessings thru our abundance.

  2. Thank you for this blog, Angela! It’s always good to be reminded that the “burdens” we have in this life are there specifically because God has blessed us to be called according to His purposes. We could not have been called unless we had been blessed.

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