Flesh Of My Flesh

    • Special ladies edition: Flesh of My Flesh

      Hitting my knees with a specific prayer today. I’m laying it all out…it’s part of the “specifics”….but I think most will understand.

      Well it’s not always pretty and a lot of times gritty, you know the blessings and frustrations of loving that Godly man. Keep a watchful eye..you know your enemy’s gonna lie..and deceive and try to drive you bonkers. From the young lady looking for love and acceptance…her daddy never showed much care…she doesn’t understand it’s her heavenly Fathers love that can fill that gap..not every other man including your husband who’s shown HIS Fathers compassion. Don’t forget the cougar who likes a handsome young man…another turned around woman confused once again. Don’t think the adversary isn’t going to try to put your union in a snare..not to mention propaganda and floods of graphic material, yeah we call it porn. Then there are the one’s I like to call the “Anointing lovers”…makin’ all the wives wanna lock their hubbies up because just like the young lady looking for a male figure to show approval, they see the gifting on your better half and become intrigued…sometimes much more than they should..seeking out reciprocation. After recognizing all these sad, lonely, God starved chicks buggin, I need a vacation! Deserted island..not much temptation in seclusion. But ladies if you got a good Godly man, you know he’s a light. So put him up on a shelf and let him shine bright..yep for all to see. You know that’s what’s right.

      My prayer is for my husband and all of yours and that God will give them wisdom, clarity, strength and discernment and not only those things but the ability that I believe only God can give to stand firm in the face of temptation and whenever the enemy places sinful opportunities in their path. I pray for ultimate protection and speak blessings and concrete foundations for marriages and future unions and that the firm foundation be rooted in Gods word and HIS presence. I speak patience and passion to be sustained and renewed for those who may have seen it dimmed.The closer our spouses become to the one and only true God, the more adamant the enemy becomes in making them his target…there’s nothing more threatening than a man on fire for God. Stand firm and become prayer warriors! Cover that man in prayer! Now…who’s ready to fight;)   ~Leesa


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  1. Although I’ve never been married, it is clear to me through scripture, communication with God, and personal life experience that the only lasting human relationship is one that is centered on Yahweh and His all-sufficiency. That goes for friendships as well as marriages. It has been my observation that the best marriages are those firmly centered on Christ and mutual friendship.

    People err when they look to another human being to fulfill the “holes” that were meant to be satisfied only in God. When one does this, eventual disappointment is certain. Security in relationships comes from meeting as equals in Christ, knowing that He has blessed two coming together, especially in marriage. But the world does not make this easy; prayer covering is essential to the warfare to which we are called.

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