My Thoughts Are Nothing Like Your Thoughts

The farmer looks at a plot of land, but doesn’t see the thorns, briers, bushes, and weeds that cover it. He sees the land for what it will do, bear fruit. He toils from morning till dawn, pulling up the roots of anything useless and what will impede the growth of what will soon be planted. Stubborn rocks must be plowed out to make the land relent. Seeds are then able to be sewn. Even then, the process is not done. The seeds must be nurtured with water and light to burst out and grow. Water and light is still necessary for the plants to grow along with the nutrients in the soil.  Then, in the right season, does it bear fruit. Consequently, there is the harvest. All of the work, the toil, the process was all done with this harvest in sight before it was actually able to be seen. Isaiah 55:8-13

No one said this was easy. I’m so thankful my God sees what’s in me even before I do and before anyone else does either.



One thought on “My Thoughts Are Nothing Like Your Thoughts

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the transforming power of our heavenly Daddy, Janean. Many years ago, I read a poem written by a dear friend that expressed his thoughts about feeling like a pile of refuse. He ended it with the conclusion that he was actually a compost heap, perfect for growing things! Thank God that He does see what we can become even when all we see is the refuse heap! He sees the big picture, the final beauty of what and who we are when we submit ourselves to Him. Humans tend to see themselves and others quite critically, whereas our God is the origin of positive thinking.

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