Bright Spot

I’ve been in a bit of a funk at work lately… and everything seemed to be annoying me to the core. Perhaps you’ve had similar spells from time to time? I suppose many people do. But for the most part, I feel I do a good job managing the day to day issues and remain positive… but I was flat overwhelmed last week. At that moment, I sent my wife the following text at 9:03am on Wednesday November 30th “Never felt more blessed in my personal life, but never been more dissatisfied in my work life”. Admittedly, I was at an all-time low.

A few minutes later, I was walking by one of the Assembly Production Cells… and saw something that changed my mood instantly. As I got closer, I started to feel a bit of shame and embarrassment about my recent work attitude.

What I saw, was a small beam of light shining through the wall. I consider this a reminder that no matter what the worldly troubles I face, it is nothing compared to the troubles Christ faced for me. And even though I may struggle, I need to remain focused on him… and strive to be a bright spot in my workplace.



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  1. This sounds like what could be a renaissance moment in terms of spiritual energy for you! I cannot count the number of times God has convicted me of the selfsame thing, simultaneously encouraging me that His light is all I need for motivation, His love all I need for that needed “push” that most of us look for in that cup of Java first thing in the morning. Jesus said that we are the light of the world…I praise God for people like you who keep that in mind, because we may be the only light of Christ someone else may see today. Thank you Ted!

  2. I definitely know how you feel, Ted. I sometimes struggle with my perspective of work, especially on the days where it seems I am only continuing so I can provide for Isaac and myself. This has never been adequate motivation for me. Plus, working with the demographics that I work with, it can be a thankless job with more drama than I would care for. It has forced me to look to God to be that ‘bright spot’. It is not an unusual sight to see me in my car just before work with my head on the steering wheel asking God to shine through me regardless of how I’m feeling. He has never let me down. He also reminds me that there are seeds being planted and underlying forces that could be impacting peoples lives for Christ that I cannot see. I may never see them. Thanks for your post. It’s a great reminder of how I need to maintain this perspective.

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