Bumps, Bruises, Scars and Testimonies

11 years ago I had a stint in the hospital that lasted 16 days. Afterwards because of this stint I acquired a nasty scar on my stomach that was attached to the muscle so it was deeply inverted as if someone were pulling a rubber band in toward my spine and looked like a large thermometer with a bulb at the bottom. I was embarrassed to wear a 2 piece swimsuit because the scar was an obvious focal point to anyone who passed by and even more embarrassing when small children (who often operate with no filter) would immediately point and ask “Whats that?” Since then I was able to undergo a type of scar revision surgery in order to repair the cosmetic damage. This procedure ultimately left behind ANOTHER scar..not nearly as bad but still evident. According to the surgeon, I “scar easily..”…bummer. The part that I left out in the beginning of this story was the most important.. Yes, I spoke about the scars and the insecurity but did not mention that during my hospital stay not only did God save my life from the severe complications of my appendectomy but he developed a portion of my testimony and there’s still evidence of what God did when he healed me.

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Whether it be physical or spiritual marks you bear, let me encourage you to stand up and say “Allow me to show you my scars and THEN tell you what God did with them.” I have LOTS and would love nothing more than to give God the glory and share what He has done and is still doing with them. The pain is gone and God is showing evidence of developing YOU. Integrity. Perseverance.



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  1. Thank you for this post, Leesa…it was exactly what I needed to hear today! Christians especially worry about the “scars” they have in life, and how they might leave stigmas on them in others’ sight. The truth is that God’s work shines even more brightly through those scars. It’s almost like a cloth full of rips, tears, and holes, when held up to the sunlight, allows more light through the material. Jesus knows all our secrets anyway, no? I love your faith that He can make an even more effective witness out of those lives who have many scars! Perseverance and transparency produce character.

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