Losing Control

Growing up I often found myself planning out my future.  I was going to go to college, get a job, get married, and have a family.  My wife was going to be a stay at home mom so that our children could have the same experiences that I had as a kid.  My dad worked very hard so that my mom could stay at home with my sister and me as we grew up, and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.  It was a perfect, fail-proof plan, but then life started to happen. 
            Up to this point, the plan that I had formed up in my mind has for the most part come to pass.  The funny thing is that as I face the newest challenge in my life (one that I have already faced in my mind while working out my “master plan”), I find myself nervous and anxious.  You see, Callie is pregnant, and we are hoping to welcome a new life into this world sometime around March. Now it’s just a waiting game for the next part of the plan to fall into place, right?  I certainly wish it was that easy.


As I begin to work through the math (I’m an engineer by trade) on this whole stay at home mom thing, I start breathing heavy, and I start getting stressed out.  It seemed like the perfect plan, but maybe I was wrong.  I start to second guess this plan that I have laid out from the time that I was fairly young.  There is one fundamental problem with my plan up to this point.  Even though everything has worked out like I thought it would, it was still MY plan.  Sure, I prayed about it a lot, and I wanted God’s will to be done, but when push came to shove, I wanted to be the one in control.


I am definitely a planner.  I like to be in control of what I do and when I do it.  It is very hard for me to relinquish control of the big things in my life.  What I have found, though, is that I am most at peace when I let go of everything.  When I place everything at the feet of the One who made me, all my fears and anxieties seem to fade away.  It’s funny how hard it is for me to let go when I’m sitting here telling you that it’s those times when I let go that I find peace.  I imagine most of you have probably been in a similar place in life.  You find yourself staring down a major turning point in life, and it doesn’t seem like your plan is going to work like you thought it might.  I want to encourage you to do as I am doing now and let everything go.  Take everything out of your hands and put it into God’s hands.  It’s not human nature, but when it happens, it is a truly amazing experience.


As the old saying goes, “I don’t know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future.”  For once, I can say that I am trying my best to be completely ok with that.


I want to leave you with Proverbs 3:5-6 which says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.”




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  1. Great thought on remembering or evaluating who is really in control! God is truly faithful far beyond even what we can plan in our lives. It is definitely “letting go” that separates our faith from our control!

  2. Great thought on remembering or evaluating who is really in control! God is truly faithful far beyond even what we can plan in our lives. It is definitely “letting go” that separates our faith from our control!

    1. It’s the letting go that is the hardest part, and it’s also the letting go that is most rewarding. So often we want the reward, but we want to take shortcuts. All we have to do is surrender. When we realize how much stress that takes off of us, it might actually be easier to let go than we originally thought.

  3. I think it is human nature to want to control things in our lives. It’s a perfect example of our spirit battling with our flesh. Totally placing things in God’s hands isn’t easy when you’ve been trained all your life that things are accomplished through YOUR efforts, and that “God helps those who help themselves”.

    When your baby arrives, you will find that this training ground God has given you to entrust everything in His hands will take on new meaning. Parenthood is the scariest, most wonderful, demanding, and rewarding experience. Oh, and…CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. This gave me an interesting thought. What if we all try to let go of our human nature… and be more Christ natured? Thanks for the post James!

    1. Could you imagine what would be done for the Kingdom if we did that? Imagine what God could do if were vessels instead of speed bumps.

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