On His Sleeve

Do you ever wonder how much faith talk is appropriate for business?

I met with a business owner a few years ago. We were talking about a salesman whom we’d both interviewed. “He wears his faith on his sleeve,” he said about the salesman.  I took that as a negative.

I remembered the salesman talked about the Lord more than most people in such settings.  But he wasn’t out of line – at least not for my taste.

Today I was at a meeting where another business man was telling the story of starting his business for a group of  entrepreneurs. At first it was all business. But as he continued, he talked about principles that line up with the bible. I was thinking he might be a believer. Then he started talking about how blessed he was. Eventually he came right out and said that He owes his success to God.

I found it encouraging that he spoke so freely in front of a secular group.  Is it possible that someone may have been offended?  I guess so, if someone was looking to be offended.

Wearing his faith on his sleeve?

These two men shared their faith in business settings in different ways. One was a little more outspoken. The other was more subtle but still made his point.

In Matthew 5:16 our Lord said, “Let your light so shine that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is on heaven.”  That is to shine like a lamp on a lamp stand or  like a city on a hill.

The goal is to bring glory to God, not ourselves.



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  1. Sometimes it’s tough to know where to draw the line whilst sharing faith in a secular setting. Here in the “Bible Belt”, there are most probably more people that would accept someone sharing outrightly, and not be offended. In other places, they might receive it as an attempt to proselytize or unnecessarily spiritualize an otherwise secular transaction.

    The speaker in your narrative about your recent business meeting appeared to hit a “golden balance” if you will, sharing mostly only what he believed God had done for him, which principles worked well in his business dealings, giving credit to God. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading is crucial in these matters, for only He knows what will touch someone’s heart to move them towards Him. Many have found that pre-emptive prayer for His words always hits the mark.

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