Shakespeare Orbits Uranus

You may have heard recently that some people are actually trying to persuade that the holocaust never happened.


To me, this is absolute lunacy. I mean, there are literally truckloads of documents, records and pictures… not to mention piles of film reels showing the atrocities against Jews in Germany during WWII. Given this evidence, how can anyone seriously consider an argument that it never happened?  In fact, some contend that Hitler was actually “the best friend the Jews had”. Sorry if I seem a little passionate and closed-minded about the subject, but come on… give me a break. I’ve read some of the letters from people who actually lived through it, and that’s all the proof I need.


Rather than spend any more time on it… let’s move on to topic that is far less polarizing. Did you know some people believe William Shakespeare didn’t write plays… and instead… he was nothing more than a drunken poacher! Say What? Can you imagine some guy staggering through the forest in Elizabethan era clothing yelling “here rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” or more like “rere, habit, habit, habit”. Actually, I suppose it would be a slaughtered version of “come hither thine rabbit so I might partake of thy fair bosom”. Whatever! I’ve read some of his literature, and that’s all the proof I need.


So as dubious, farfetched and utterly absurd these stories may be, it makes you wonder why someone would invent and/or perpetuate them? The reasons are many I’m sure, and I’m not about to venture a guess… but I will say that society as a whole is no stranger to ulterior motives. The fact is this kind of spin has been going on for thousands of years… and we all know who’s the King of Spin is (aka The Father of Lies).


So it should be of no surprise when we hear that many people reject the idea that Jesus is the Son of God. Some say he was nothing more than a teacher or a profit. While others tout he never actually existed at all. Instead, they might suggest he is/was no more “real” than the Tooth Fairy. Sorry if I seem a little passionate and closed-minded about the subject, but I’ve read his words and the words of those whom he inspired in the Bible, and that’s all the proof I need.


Satan is called “the devil” in (James 4:7), “the evil one” in (1 John 5:18-19), “the prince of this world” in (John 14:30) and “the god of this age” in (2 Corinthians 4:4). But more than anything else… he is described as a liar. And in John 8:44, Jesus says that when Satan lies, he speaks in his native language. 


I’ll close with this final thought – The term Satan means “adversary”, and he’s clearly the enemy of God. The reason he lies is simple, he has no power to defeat God. All he has are intricate and convincing lies, which have no purpose but to draw people away from the truth of Jesus Christ.




… and if you don’t believe that Shakespeare Orbits Uranus… check this out… (’_moons) …


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  1. Thank you for this post, Ted! Our enemy certainly is the Father of Lies as Jesus said. Problem is, he is also very intelligent {more so than we are} and knows human nature; thus his arguments all seem so reasonable and logical in this world. Good news is that we do have Jesus on our side, and He is smarter than any of us ever could be in dealing with the enemy and his lies. People believe ridiculous things such as thinking the holocaust never happened for reasons as varied as the people themselves. What they do not realize is that they are being manipulated and used as marionettes by a system and a being that hates God and His creation. The devil will do anything to twist and confuse messages so that we literally do not know which end is up. Good becomes evil and evil good. And “everything is relative”.

    Personally, I believe in Yahweh, Yeshua, because I have met His PERSON and know that I encountered an actual BEING, not a thought or system of doctrine, not even historical documents {although the documents help a great deal when considering apologetics}. Jesus has proven Himself to us over and over that He keeps His promises, and that His Word is true. Therefore, no matter what intellectual argument someone might offer me, they will never be able to take my faith from me, for I KNOW whom I have met and experienced through that meeting. He proves Himself in my life every second of every day.

    1. Thank You Denise – i always look forward to your comments… and you always provide such great perspective.

  2. wow, great post Ted. Its sad to think that they’re people out there that believe that way. But its always amazing when God uses us to deliver them to the truth.

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