I don’t know about you but I’m tired of people lying to me. I don’t mean interpersonally. I mean people I don’t even know, never even met lying to me.

Everytime I watch television, which is less and less as life goes on, I hear people lying to me. The car commercials; buy this car and beautiful people will want to come and hang out with you while you drive this car. Or how about the toothpaste commercials? Every person in those commericals look like one parent was a dentist and the other was an orthodontist. They have teeth that are so perfect if they stopped brushing their teeth all together, they’d die before they got a cavity. These same people try to tell you to buy this toothpaste because it’s the best ever. Now here’s my thought: if they made the best ever anything, would there need to be another of that product ever made? I mean really. If that was the best, no other toothpaste would be made. Dentist would be out of business.

 All of this is why I think I love the Bible so much. God tells it like it is. Jesus gave it to us straight in John 16:33 where he says we will have tribulations. I can appreciate that. He doesn’t sugar coat it or water it down. Best thing is God doesn’t just leave us there with a message of essentially, “Life sucks and then you die.” God said He will never fail us nor forsake us. You can’t get that kind of reassurance from anywhere. Imagine a car company offering you a car that will never break down or leave you stranded on the side of the road. Now back in reality, you imagination is the only place you ‘ll see that.

God is perfectly honest with us. He told us it won’t be easy, life will be hard, and there will be times where we want to give up. To combat this, we have Him and we have each other. No sales pitch, no gimmeck. Just truth. Best advertising in the world.



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  1. Truth is a difficult thing for humans. One study said that people cannot be totally truthful for even five minutes. We color things, put a “spin” on whatever we tell others or even ourselves. God is love, but He is also truth. Perhaps it is only when we have Jesus living in our hearts that we can really be truthful, and speak the truth in love, as the Word says.

  2. I really like this post…. mostly because it reminds me of where my faith needs to be…. it is too easy to put people on the pedestal and then watch them fall, because we all fall eventually…. but there is one, the foundation of it, the safe place we all land, eventually, that has Truth, live giving truth…. and for that I am grateful…. Thx Brad.

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