Summer Time

Summer time. Got to love it right? There’s always something going on, even more so when you have children.  It’s a pretty active season.  Many people plan their vacations around this time. It works out pretty well because if you have children, then you don’t have to worry about them missing school since schools out for summer (yes that was a pun lol). Even college students get a break from the daunting task of attending class.

In the midst of a time of supposedly relaxation, I see that many people are like the Energizer bunny. Go, Go, Go.  If you have kids, then you’re trying to make sure they’re not bored and if you’re a student then a summer job is likely your route. 

I think it’s like this with our walk with Christ. We have our season when there should be a time of rest but we get caught up with being too busy. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be busy with helping out with the church by volunteering but sometimes people get overloaded and just get burn out.  There’s a verse in the bible where it talks about being still and know that I am God. When you look up the Hebrew word for being still, you’ll see that it’s called raphaw. It literally means to go limp, motionless, to sink in and just relax. I just want to challenge everyone who’s reading this to set up some time to being still or raphaw and know that we serve an amazing God that loves and cares about us. He’s ultimately in control and when were able to acknowledge Him, there’s a peace that comes with it.  

Your brother in Christ,



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  1. Thanks for the post, Nate. It’s so good to know that our energy comes from Him and we do not have to try to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps to be successful Christians. All we need to do is remember that He is God and He is in control. He does the work through us; our own energy is far too limited. He calls us to His rest and tells us that His yoke is easy and His burden light.

    1. Your definitely right about that Denise. It reminds me of what Pastor Nick preached about a couple of weeks ago, where he illustrated an eagle not using its own energy but the wind to keep it up in the sky. Thanks for the comment.

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