Lessons From Luther


I read a book some time ago called, "Cat and Dog Theology". The
premise was a cat's theology is, "You feed me, you pet me, you love
me; I must be God." A dog's theology is, "You feed me, you pet me, you
love me; you must be God." I think about that book everytime I'm over
at my girlfriend Ashley's house and her cat Luther realizes I'm there.
Luther is more dog than cat. Seriously. He loves everyone, he's
waiting at the door when I get there, and he drools. He's a dog in a
cats body. The other thing that I love about Luther is that he only
wants to be near you. If there's a door seperating him and I, he will
whine and cry until it's no longer a problem. And unlike Ash's other
pets, he doesn't want anything from me other than to just be near me.
I feel like that with God sometimes. I just want to be near Him. Just
to climb up in His lap and snuggle up and fall asleep. I have to admit
though that I could learn a lesson from Luther when it comes to
obstacles coming between God and me. When there's distance or when I'm
so caught up in serving God that I forget Him in the process, I tend
to just ignore the distance. And it grows and grows until I can't
ignore it anymore. It's too big to be ignored. And I then try to cover
that distance. If I could only be like Luther and whenever something
begins to seperate me from Him, I'd cry out, beg, plead, and most of
all just run to Him. If I'd only not be willing to let even an inch of
distance come between us, I think my life would be richer for me and
especially those around me. Maybe we could all say the same.


5 thoughts on “Lessons From Luther

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  1. I could definitley say the same. Do me a favor, Thank Luther for the lesson next time you see him. (By the way… you’re about to be in the dog house for spelling your girlfriends name wrong).

    1. Glad someone else noticed that besides me, Ted! Sheesh! But seriously great blog, hun. Glad Luther was inspiring!

  2. Animals can be the showcase God uses for His unconditional love for us. They do not consider what we look like on the outside, nor anything else on the surface. They are quick to forgive and quick to comfort us when we do not feel well either physically or emotionally.

    I enjoyed your comments about simply being near God and reveling in His presence. There is so much to be thankful for in this world He created; sometimes He just wants to sit and enjoy it with us like a father. I remember a commercial where they showed a father sitting with his son watching the sun drop below the horizon. After the sunset, the boy says, “Do it again, Daddy!” We need to be reminded that our relationship with God is simple. We need to stop complicating things so much to please our own minds and focus on the reality of His desire to just “be” with us.

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