The Human Experience: Lost Children of Peru

At Growth Track we continued exploring the documentary, The Human Experience. In class we watched the second portion, The Lost Children of Peru.

I hope you have had a chance to join us on Wed night for the conversations as we discus these experiences from a Christ followers perspective.

Week one we looked at Homelessness. This week we continue following Jeffrey and Cliff’s journey of the Human Experience as they journey to Peru.

Some thought-provoking quotes from this portion:

“mutilated by their families so they can be more effective beggars”

“The kids are happy despite their infirmities”

“Whoever has the power to control your superficial level, has control over you”

“It’s like a musical composition. Each of us has our own note to play…. no one else can play your note”

Let’s continue the conversation here. What struck a chord with you?



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  1. It never ceases to amaze me that God lets us know over and over, in subtle and most dramatic modes just how precious we are to Him. With all our disabilities, warts and faults, He still loves us. { And we are ALL disabled in some way whether we recognize it or not…I believe this is why we need one another}. God shows up in the most unlikely places, choosing the weak of the world to showcase His message that He would rather die than be without us. To be able to imitate His love in the world is the sincerest form of worship.

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