Greener Pastures

Carol Bean 2011

While driving to the Canvas Women’s retreat on May 20th, a saw something that got me thinking.  There was a medium-sized horse pasture with at least 6 horses in it.  Most of the horses were grazing throughout the pasture, and they were seemingly content.  But one horse wasn’t exactly following the herd.  He was standing with his chest pushed all the way against the fence.  His head was leaned down over the opposite side of the fence.  He was grazing away on the weeds and grass next to the road.  Where am I going with this?

It’s a simple point.  Many of us don’t like the circumstance we are in at a given moment.  However, sometimes God will take us through a hard time for us to learn and progress in the faith.  I believe no matter what God wants us to live, striving to grow and better ourselves in Christ.  John 10:10 says “I come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

God wants us to have life.  But life in Christ is much more full.  No matter what we are going through at any given moment, in Christ we know that there is always a promise of more.  Growing closer to Him, closer to others, and in the end, spend eternity with our Creator.

 Attaway challenged us this morning at Canvas.  Not to wait.  If we don’t have a relationship with Christ, don’t wait.  If we do have a relationship, start living in Heaven here.  Start serving others, and helping to bring others to the kingdom.  Strive, thrive, live, and love.

 Just because you’re locked in the same pasture for a while, doesn’t mean you have to eat the same boring grass.  Stretch outside the comfort zone, and taste the lush growth God has in store.



3 thoughts on “Greener Pastures

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Ashleigh! I love being challenged to live outside my “comfort zone” to reach for all Jesus has for us. As long as we are never satisfied with status quo, we will keep seeking Him.

  2. You’re right “It’s a simple point”… but a great one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ashleigh.

  3. I love your thoughts here. Most would have come to the thought of the “grass is always greener” but you see the beauty of reaching outside the status quo or what our situation expects of us and see that we can reach beyond the boundaries to the more beautiful gifts. Thanks Ashleigh!!

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