Have you ever had someone ask you to describe God? Who is he to you?

Or has anyone ever described God in a way that just didn’t make sense to you?





I believe we know God to the extent in which we have an experienced relationship with Him. It is hard to imagine God, Creator of the universe, as a Father if you have never needed him in that intimate of a way. And believing in his healing can be an even harder thing to grasp if you have never been in need of His touch.

But, it doesn’t mean He isn’t those things.

A few days ago I crossed the lyrics of an old hymn, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. The  song refers to  God as a bulwark. A What?!! After a bit of laughing and awkwardness and wondering if the word was a typo, it was off to dictionary. com to find out what exactly is a bulwark. According to the website it is a

: a solid wall-like structure raised for defense

: a strong support or protection
And in the moment I understand why the writer would need to find such an obscure word to describe who God is. Sometimes God is to us an indescribable force, an uncommon defender, a tower.
It doesn’t really matter to God the word you use, common or uncommon, He just wants to be known by you. He is to each of us personal, relational and exactly what we need in our every moment.
I wonder, if you were to write God a love song today what word would you use to describe who He is to you?

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  1. Thank you for writing something so thought provoking!

    I can remember memorizing “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” as a child because I was attending a Lutheran parochial school and it was written by Martin Luther. Even then, when I didn’t know what it meant to have a relationship with God, the words to that hymn struck a chord within me. I believe that within each human heart there is an intuitive sense that God is to have the focus of our lives. He is so many things to us, that perhaps who He is to us depends in part on which section of our path we are walking in that moment.

    Jesus has been working with me to know Him as “Friend” because my idea of God was that of a terrible judge, to be feared and respected. Indeed, He is those things too, but has been ministering His desire for closeness to me…His Word tells me that He wants to be closer than a nursing mother to her infant. Powerful words!!

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