Love You

Thank you Father for your anointed children, their gifting rings as anthems along the streets in your kingdom. Because of this I entertain glimpses of purity and my home. Envelope me. Speak to me. What can I do? What can I say? Not able to move but here I am soaring. Your presence, everything you are is blinding and radiates. My heart trying to speak again. There are no words she can say. You hold me and pull me out of the sadness that tries to consume this place…if only for a moment. You remind me. You whisper. The world is so far behind me. I rise above. The timeline I measured moments with is laid before me from beginning to end. Not just my beginning but the true omega..and yet you are still the most magnificent I’ve seen. You still transcend. Never would I be able to describe the light. You take me back to the shimmer of a sunny spring day when I’m still that child. This is how you see me. The shame is gone…fear isn’t heard of. We don’t know pain. My hands tremble, tears keep rolling…I begin to laugh. I’m flying again. I look up to see your smiling face…”THIS is how much I love you.”

Friends, my heart wants so much for you to know this love~Leesa


2 thoughts on “Love You

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  1. Leesa, what a way you have with imagery! The experience of God’s love shines throughout my mind and heart when I read this post. Thank you for using your gift to remind us that living and breathing His presence is possible every day.

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