New Plant

New seedlings have hard challenges in front of them.  They have transitioned from seeds, muscling their way past the seed casings, then pushing through the soil towards the light they know will give them life to grow and give food to others.  In the beginning, they look and function in a vastly different way than when they are mature.  They need water, warmth, light, and food before they can give what they were meant to give.  We are like those seedlings.
In Romans 12:1-2, we are admonished to allow God to transform us through the renewing of our minds.  He never leaves us static if there is the slightest hope for change.  One thing is certain:  If we belong to Him, we will grow and change.  Most of the time, the changes involve discomfort or pain in some way.   I heard someone say one time that they told Jesus they could not see where they were going because His robes were in the way.  His response to them was, “And, your point?”  Because of the fears we harbor inside as humans, we find new things difficult to handle until we learn to keep on handing things over to Jesus regularly.  We might not be able to see past His robes, but we do know that He is holding our hand and is leading us in the right direction.  Perfect love casts out fear. 
Right now is a time of transition in my life in more ways than one or two.  I feel like one of those new plants that isn’t sure they can produce what seems to be expected of them.  The key to my hope is that the less I am involved with the process of direction and mustering up strength, the more successful I will be in becoming fruitful.  In my weakness, He is made strong.

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