“If the church is not your mother, then God is not your Father.”

It was a catchy sermon title, from a catchy preacher. Every Easter, he guest-starred at the church we attended. The case was made that one could not really follow Christ unless he also was faithful to The Church.

Ultimately, we left that church. We were burned. We were hurt.

Other Christians also feel this way. They, like Jill and me, can point back to an experience, a church or a pastor that left them hurting. As a result, we have fellow believers who are disenchanted with church. But church is supposed to be a place of healing.

On one hand, I see people who set their church and it’s leaders up on a pedestal. On the other hand, I see believers who leave The Church in favor of worshiping at home. This is unfortunate to say the least.

We can easily find local churches that aim to minister to such believers. I stumbled upon one in downtown Knoxville today. Additionally, I know someone who planted a church specifically for “outcasts”.

Canvas does not claim to be such a church. We do claim to accept people. We love people. All kinds of people.

If you are not connected to a local church, I encourage to keep looking. If you are located near Lenoir City or Knoxville Tn, then visit us. Stay connected with us online.

But, most importantly, stay connected to Christ.



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  1. Well said, Andy. I don’t know if the church is our mother, unless we are speaking of the body of Christ as “the church”. No one church has a corner on the truth or on loving others, no? I like what you said about staying connected to Christ. I believe that it is important to find a gathering of believers to worship with because we need each others’ support, encouragement, and prayers.

    The Bible admonishes us not to give up worshipping together, and tells us that groups of people praying together can be stronger than one alone. It reminds me of the illustration of a coal fire…remove one piece off by itself, and it tends to grow cold; keep them piled together, and they remain hot. As long as we keep encouraging each other and working together, that heat will remain.

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