Never Ends

Nobody told us about the potential for heartache when we “decided” to become parents, did they?  I mean, when our babies were little, or even still expected, we talked about how much joy they would bring us. I guess it would be morbid to get real about the possibility that we might outlive any of our own kids

And now I am “Grandpa.”

So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children.  Romans 8:15

I tell you, it would be easy to let fear take hold of me.  In fact, I sometimes struggle with fear.  Maybe you do too.  It’s ok.  We’re not crazy.  Crazy is when you ignore your loss and go on pretending that it never happened.  

Dang.  I just repeat myself, don’t I?  I mean didn’t I write a post about death a couple of months ago?  But, I have been to a few funerals since.

Here’s the deal.  You’re not alone in your grief.  Don’t let others minimize your pain with some spiritual phrase, or even scripture.  Yes I know it’s God’s Word.  Take a moment.  Pause.  Breathe.  Now carry on.

Easy? No.

As I take my own advise and exhale, I remember all the blessings that overflow in my life.  If I start listing all my blessings, you’d think I was bragging.  Maybe you’d think I was lying too!  

I hope you feel better.  I feel better.  I feel like hugging my wife, my kids, my grandson.

Love never ends.  1 Cor. 13:8 ESV


PS.  I put this out there for someone who is hurting, maybe grieving.  If that’s you, I invite you to connect with us here at Canvas, whether online or in person.  We want to share the Love of Christ with you.


7 thoughts on “Never Ends

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  1. I really want to leave a comment, but I’m honestly not sure what to say. Thank you doesn’t seem appropriate.. nor does it adequately express my gratitude for sharing your thoughts. I can’t imagine that kind of hurt… but you inspire us through it. I really hope this post becomes our highest viewed ever… and that it encourages hurting people everywhere to find Canvas… or another church just like it.

  2. Andy, while I haven’t dealt with the death of a child, like many people I have dealt with other deep level grief in life. Too many people believe that as Christians, we are supposed to “have it all together” no matter what happens in our lives. You remind us that we are human and that we need to accept the concomitant suffering that comes with this life. Sometimes the only way “out” of the pain is to go through it. Counting our blessings reminds us of the love our Father has for us, even though we cannot comprehend the depth of that love with our finite understanding. Your encouragement is well received, brother!

    1. Denise, so true. Suffering is a natural part of living. And it doesn’t have to rob us of life.

      For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Cor 12:10 ESV

  3. Andy, thank you for sharing your healing journey with us. I still struggle with fear when I feel that all I have may be taken away, a fear that comes from a grieving childhood. You are so right, sometimes we just have to breathe, clear our thoughts and then take the next step. There is no easy road but it is definately made more beautiful when we share it with friends, family (and our church).

  4. Angela, there’s no way we could survive the fear alone. We have our spouses, friends and of course our Lord to lean on. I prefer to think of it as holding on tightly rather that leaning. But you know what I mean. Thank you for your comments.

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