Sheep Bites

For the last month or so I’ve been compiling a list of Q&A’s as well as some “short, short’s” that hopefully one day might develop into a quick read/guide to a lot of common issues or questions that arise while walking the ol’ proverbial “Straight and Narrow”. All Holy Spirit inspired. All lessons that the creator has and IS personally teaching me. *emphasis on IS*

Sheep Bites~

Some of us know this one all too well..some of, still learning. Sheep bites while ministering to someone. This is a kind of spiritual “What to Expect when Expecting”. Allow me to be blunt. Are you ready?? PEOPLE YOU MINISTER TO SOMETIMES HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL TO HURT YOU. Did you get all of that? Yep, it’s gonna happen. As Christians we can’t expect for a lost and struggling individual to understand certain aspects of Christs love the way we do because they are, well,….BLIND! There are many instances in the Bible that indicate that Christ knew what was in the heart of man and yet despite this He still loved and became the ultimate sacrifice for us. My challenge for you……love anyway♥


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  1. Thanks for this post Leesa. I would say yes, love anyway, but with a caveat. Do only what Jesus directly tells you to do if you have any tendency towards codependency. You will be hurt in ministering, yes, but there are times when it is unnecessary and not helpful for the growth of the person being ministered to. Taking risks is a huge part of what it means to be a Christian; it does not mean that you have to set yourself up with a bullseye on your back if Jesus is not calling you to do that.

    That being said…the point of ministering to someone who is struggling means that their surface reactions are not necessarily to be taken at face value. The hurtful things they may say and do are most likely coming from a place of pain in their past or another area of their lives. Do not take it personally!

    Jesus loved us so that we could walk in the works He prepared for us {Phil 2:10} and told us in Hebrews that we are to stimulate one another towards good deeds. I have learned that I am to give, yes, but in His way, constantly seeking His voice for what is to be done vs. what is immediately in my own mind to do.

  2. Yes, When I was in school we studied Christian counciling. Special emphasis was placed on the dangers of codependency..yikes.

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