Brace Yourself

God doesn’t need to wait till the new year to speak.  But I seem to be more willing to listen for certain things as the old year closes.  As 2010 was ending, I asked God if he had anything to say to me regarding the year 2011.

Have you ever heard the song He Loves Us, by Jesus Culture?  During this recording the singer, Kim Walker, says “if you’ve never experienced the love of God, you better brace yourself.”  Brace yourself?  For what?  As the song was saying, brace for the love of God.  And although I have experienced the love of God, it felt like that was the phrase for 2011.

I like that.  That’s easy.  It’s comforting.  So, in 2011, I will be prepared to experience the love of God in a very personal way.  It will be good.  It will be positive.  But that’s not the only thing to brace for.  There’s more to this.

But what?  Change?  I don’t know for sure.  But, in addition to an intimate touch of God’s love, there is a sense that I should brace myself for whatever this world may bring my way.  Maybe it’s the economy, or government.  Who knows?  There is so much going on around us that could bring change, or even chaos.

Please don’t misunderstand.  This is not about gloom, doom or destruction.  It’s about trust.  And it’s more about how to brace myself than what to brace for.  How to be prepared for both blessing and trial, if either or both actually happen.

This is not only a look at what I need to do outwardly, such as pray, study scripture and evangelize.  Nick challenged us this Sunday to those three things.  I accept that challenge and pray that it will lead to a better relationship with our Lord.  But I should be braced inwardly.

How would you brace yourself for 2011?

God Bless,

5 thoughts on “Brace Yourself

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  1. Andy, I’m finding myself with a common theme this year. TRUST. God is calling me this year to trust Him with everything. It’s a big challenge. But there’s no one I’d rather put my trust in than the Creator of all. Thanks for sharing Andy.

  2. Awesome blog Andy! I could not agree with you more. This completely resonates with me on several levels. Thanks for the sensitivity and honesty. I think we all need to be listening to the Spirit and bracing ourselves for whatever comes our way physically, and for the power that will be realized by the trust you speak of. Great job!

  3. Thank you for this post, Andy. Bracing onself for the love of God…reminds me of just how powerful His love is and that it is coming to us whether we want it to or not in that we are His children, and His love is proactive towards us. If we do not respond to it, we will be run over by it in the form of His discipline, which is training toward future right action. God is busy with His work in this church, these people, in this place!

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