Best Kept Secret

The Best Kept Secret in Lenoir City

 Recently I was reminded of a comment I made about Canvas nearly 2 years ago. I referred to Canvas as the Best Kept Secret in Lenoir City. When I said it, I got mixed reactions from the people around me. At least I perceived mixed reactions. Specifically, I feel some people took the comment as somewhat of a compliment… while I feel others may have taken slight offense.

I never went into great detail about why I said it, so I understand a comment like that will generate different interpretations. This is the hazard of any communication (written or verbal), that different people will process dialogue in different ways.  

In reality, I did not intended the comment to be a compliment or a criticism… it was intended to challenge myself as well as others to reflect of how well we are sharing our Church with our Community. I won’t speak for anyone else, but I admit I was not doing a good job of it. Sure, I’ve always tried to help out in any way I can. I even decided to learn how to run the AV system and be part of the team delivering the weekly services… but I still wasn’t inviting people to Church. And truth be told, it goes much deeper than that. I wasn’t sharing my Church experience with anyone… in any way, shape or form. I was literally keeping a secrete.

Since then, I have made it a personal mission to promote my Church in any way I can. Whether it be through video projects, time helping in the AV booth, sharing ideas with the Creative Board, participation in this blog, or a shameless comment about how great I think my Church is when talking to people I know. And yes, even the occasional invitation to Church.

Now the reality is none of my efforts have yet to bring a single person through the doors… but I won’t be discouraged. Christ is growing the Membership of Canvas … and more importantly…. Canvas Membership is growing in Christ.

I’m happy to say I no longer feel like we are The Best Kept Secret in Lenoir City… and I hope you all feel like a part of that successes.



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  1. Language is an inexact way of communication, for sure, as meanings can vary for people due to varied factors in their lives. Jesus told us that we should not be surprised if the world hates us because it hated Him.

    Invitations to church can be received as anything from a gesture of friendship to a “what are you trying to sell me” or “what makes you think your religion is any better than mine” type attitudes. However, Jesus directs us to reach out no matter what the response, for we are to be His conduits for His ministry of reconciliation.

    Our commitment to Christ is not a safe proposition in terms of how the world responds to our mandate to spread the Gospel; thank you for pointing out the rewards for faithfulness to those commands. Your article is an inspiration to me!

  2. Ted, You’re spot on with Christ growing the church. Sure, we should try to bring people in, but the main objective is to bring people to Christ. Then they will look for the best place to grow. Great job. Andy

  3. I agree, Ted. As we promote Christ through lifestyle, word, and action we must promote connection to fellow believers. Paul was all about putting Christ first, and then the community of the body of Christ second. I believe that the two go hand in hand. You can’t promote Christ without promoting the church because that is the vehicle He chose to advance the Kingdom. If we seperate out faith from the body of Christ we have fallen for the lie that our faith is just within out life. We are all connected by the Spirit of God, and in no way did God ever intend for the them to be seperate. Inviting people to church is something that should be part of our life just as much and sharing Christ. They are one dependent on each other.

    Great blog, and we are glad that you are part of the Canvas family!

  4. Good challenge, Ted. It’s true that Canvas is no longer a secret. I love the comment about the congregation growing, but more importantly growing in Christ. My favorite part of Canvas aside from the family feel and atmosphere is that I am constantly challenged in my walk. It’s a place where everyone understands that we will never be perfect. We will never say “I have arrived.” BUT we can all say, I am striving toward the goal and I have all these brothers and sisters striving with me. Skadoosh!

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