What Is Grace?

There’s a child sitting on the floor on Christmas day surrounded by wrapping paper, beautiful colors and toys galore. The parents are sitting back listening to the laughter of their children and taking in their smiles. They may or may not deserve the spoils but that’s not what this is about. There isn’t a better satisfaction than to give out of love…just to see them smile…to enable joy for one another.

It’s all so familiar. I sit back and look over the travesties and failures in my life. I remember how I let my Father down and turned from His love..how I slapped His hand away as He beckoned me…and YET here I am. I’ve been set up high and put on a solid foundation. I was delivered anyway because He LOVED anyway. Even as I turned He still loved. Even when I ran He still wanted to give. Then one day this torn down vessel stopped running and asked “Why??..Is this all really for ME??? But LOOK at me!! You MUST be mistaken..” He wasn’t. He had always seen me as I was meant to be through His loving eyes. He was as desperate as I was but it was to only have me understand how much He loved me and wanted to give me. I only had to be willing.

There have been so many days since then where I have sat alone laughing, weeping and praising God, simply because of being in awe by all of the gifts that surrounded me. His grace saved my life.


3 thoughts on “What Is Grace?

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  1. Leesa, you have expressed what each of us goes through every time we recognize the depths of God’s desire for us, His mercy, the lengths He will allow us to go to in order for us to truly see what our need is for Him. It all begins and ends with Him; it is ALL about HIM, no?

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