What Is Grace

What does grace mean to me?

On July 18 2000, I was driving to a job interview in Augusta GA. While on the Express Way, I notice there was construction going on, on the road. At one point, the highway became uneven due to the ground being repaved. When the wheels touched the new paved road, it caused the car jerk to the left. Being a young driver, I over corrected the car and lost control. The car started to flip over, down towards an embankment. At that moment, I lost my sense of time. It truly felt surreal, and everything literally seemed to slow down. I could hear my thoughts clearly. “Is this really happening to me?” My last thought was ‘Lord PLEASE help me’.

The car finally stopped after flipping 20 feet down the embankment. I was upside down when I heard HIM say ‘Nathan, shut off the engine’. I said ‘OK’. ‘Relax’, HE says. Peace literally filled my body. Another voice shouts, ‘He’s alive!, I see him breathing! Sir, can you hear me?’  ‘Yes’, I replied. Moments later, I see sparks flying everywhere. I would later find out that it was fireman sawing off pieces of the car to get to me. As they were taking me out of the car, I still felt peace. I wasn’t hurting or complaining. At the hospital, the Doctors ran numerous test to make sure I was ok. They said my body was bruised and swollen but was ok to go home.

Days later, I return back to the hospital for a follow-up. It was there, the Doctors found out that my neck was broken in two places. I was a walking anomaly. They didn’t understand how I was able to still move my body. My parents soon found out that at any moment I could become a quadriplegic and surgery was necessary. The surgeon was very adamant that I was only going to have limited mobility because they were going to fuse 2 bones together with bolts, screws, and bone marrow and that the chances of me losing full mobility was more than 50%. Without hesitation, my mother smiled and told me not to worry that God was in control and regardless of what happens, it’ll be ok. Hours passed, but finally, the surgeons tell my family that surgery was a success, saying, “Again time will only tell if he will fully recover or not, Nathan is going to need at least 6 months to see if he will recover or not.”

So what does Grace mean to me? To simply put it, Grace to me is God’s free action to benefit His people.

Less than a month later, I was FULLY RECOVERED. To this day, I have no problems with my neck. God didn’t have to intervene but He did. I will always know about my God’s grace and I will always be humbled and blessed by it.



8 thoughts on “What Is Grace

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    1. I think its all the preaching I heard from you….I’m losing braincells everytime I listen to it heh heh. Love you man and thanks for not only being a friend but my pastor as well

  1. Nathan, I had no IDEA that your testimony was so powerful!!! While I don’t know you well, you have always struck me as a “laid back guy”. For you to be able to face the type of crisis you have with what appears to be total peace leaves me AWESTRUCK at the power of our God to hold His children in His hands. THANK YOU for sharing this!!!

  2. Young man, you forgot to mention your mother’s perseverance! That prayer warrior Battled for you for hours. I’ll never forget her fighting the specialist 🙂

  3. God is so AWESOME! Nathan, thanks for sharing your experience of God’s grace to you. Now, I finally know where that cool scar on your neck came from. Everytime I see it now, I will be reminded of how amazing our God is!

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