What Is Grace?

 Hi all!  “What is Grace?”  Admittedly I wasn’t sure what to write when I heard the topic.  I spent some time meditating (in the Jesus sense not the “ohm” sense) and thought I’d write a poem to try to explain it.  So here’s your third installment of The Grace Project. ~Ashleigh

Grace freely given from the Lamb that was slain,
From the foundations of the earth, God’s spirit in pain.
The Creator of life betrayed with a fruit,
Thus He begins His endless pursuit.

Mankind turned their backs to go off and sin
God wept for creation and all hope was dim.
He found favor in Moses and sent down the Law
In hopes that His people would heed His call.

But when the law became too much to bear,
And the earth was groaning for God to draw near,
His spirit hovered over a virgin named Mary,
And blessed her among women, our Savior to carry.

Emmanuel, God with us, brought peace to the earth,
Jesus, the Messiah, a miracle from birth.
From manger to workshop, from temple to sea,
He spoke the good news and made demons flee.

He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind,
Fed 5,000 men in hopes they might find
Humanity was truly at the end of its rope,
And His love alone, the soul’s source of hope.

He lived without sin, and died with much pain.
He ascended to Heaven and will come again
For those undeserving, yet seeking His face,
He’ll split the eastern sky, and bestow on us, His grace.


5 thoughts on “What Is Grace?

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  1. Wow Ashleigh! This poem was absolutely wonderful! You did not tell us that you wrote poetry…this one nailed it to a “T”. In a few lines, you just told the entire story of God’s heart of reconciliation towards us…how apropos for Christmas!

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